10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

Opublikowany 14 paź 2020
10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs
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This Among Us Video is based around 15 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs, For more among us tips & tricks, among us secrets, among us best moments & more subscribe.


  • only real T5G OG's know about this channel

  • What if the QR code RICKROLLED YOU

  • :( that so sad when he die in the lava:(

  • There is also a pet from Henry Stickman in Among Us.

  • Ye I was a little confused with the terminator thing when I saw somebody die

  • This video is your first one

  • Go in the computer place and you will see Henry stickmin poster

  • I think the card swipes is easy

  • i found a henry stick men easter egg in mirahq over at the office.

  • My dad has a Samsung phone lol

  • The cop hat has a studio c logo

  • I love your videos

  • The korock I knew I am big brain

  • My kid played among us and found a secret lab and saw a snow man among us

  • There are so much hats that were in Henry stickmin

  • Youi missed a Henry Stikmin easter egg. On Mira HQ in the office there is a Henry Stikmin poster next to the downloading pc

  • I mean the are literally making a Henry Stikman map

  • Hey T5G do you know inner sloth is one of the Henry stickmin game creators

  • I actually remember futurama but I haven't seen that episode. I dont remember the characters but I remember their weird spaceship.

  • The super mario thing is on ms paint.

  • 我还会死啊江苏司机

  • Hey tg5 you missed something the Henry stick man poster at 4:21

  • Hi I'm noob

  • You didn't mention how the polus guy, from henry stickmin, his description said that he got a planet named after himself. Polus, kinda self explanatory from there


  • Guys bs mera ek video dekh lo koibhi aur agar pasand aye toh subscribe krdo plz guys💓agar pasand na aye toh mat krna subscribe guys plz I need support ☺️

  • Is anybody going to mention the breath of the wild Easter egg I love the breath of the wild Zelda game

  • in specimen there is a top hat in specimen on polus :)

  • It's not t5g two you did it,on your oringonal

  • You didnt put the hamster wich is from the loud house

  • Hey! I have an appointment. There are Henry stickmin diamond in the trash task and 1 of the pictures are Henry stickmin


  • Hi

  • have the game

  • I love furterurama

  • In one of the maps the reactor is the doomsday device


  • Yay mattshea

  • looks like baby Yoda

  • 0:22 I'm on mobile card swipe is ez

  • This your first vid?

  • you missed one henry stickman easter egg in mira hq

  • Wow

  • I already knew all of that lol"also im a hacker"

  • 7:26 Correct me if im wrong, but that fifth tube has the Toppat Clan logo in it

  • @ninja 2

  • I found the dead body snow already

  • Btw i get the card task first try

  • here is an easter egg on among us, subscribe toT5G or you will never get imposter!

  • I knew

  • Click bait

  • You don’t need to be dead to see the snow corpse

  • I saw the snowman already


  • I know another Henry stick man Easter egg, it’s the big eyebrows

  • -_- this is his first vid in channel he got 7 mil views an d he have 600 , 000 subs mean while me :0

  • U forgot one: among us characters 1. It look like TeleTubbies leg and stomach

  • The first one you can see it even without being ghost

  • Breath of the wild... U mean wind waker(thats where the koroks came from)

  • Among us is an awesome game, but on mpbile it is unenjoyable, because of the community..

  • Or in space?

  • Is among us Henry stickman in the future?

  • Kacpi had a cameo

  • Everyone gonna ingore the red beanie being tricky's hat from subway surfers?

  • I think among us and Henry stick man are made by the same authour

  • :o

  • I think that the out of boundries easter egg is also a 2018 beta death

  • I have somthing to say Read More

  • 4:21 did anyone saw that henry stickmin collection poster?

  • The picture when I clicked that area is in Polus and can only be seen by ghosts. Because ghosts can fly out of the map. It’s a secret room and exists in Polus. And yes there is a dead body snowman.

  • in1:04

  • in the feel invincible there is a crow mask

  • On the polus map there's even a photo of Henry stickman that is framed in office

  • I knew almost all of them

  • Henry stick man poster at4:22

  • I know one of the seceret. It is the area with the die snow man.

  • There is also a handy picture the Henry stickman collection

  • Trow

  • Yea i told a random pibk player to follow me as a ghost and i went to the snow meeting easter egg and they said " who killed snowy?" I said red and turns out it was red that round but blue killed both of us. We exchange instagram too.

  • -How many references you want in a simple and fun game? Developers of Among Us : *Y E S*

  • Capito tutto

  • The thumbnail is crap

  • Dude fort nite is dead noob

  • Yes

  • Bro the key one reminds me of ben10 The future and the alien is goop

  • The stickman pets can also be a reference to Henry stickman

  • He missed the scan borading pass drake meme dont he?

  • There is also an easter egg: when u have a task scan borading pass in polus you will see ur own player doing the drake meme

  • Hi

  • Cool. I guess I'm watching on a SimSong Tablet

  • His first vid

  • Rly liked dig to chime didn’t know it was the same people pretty cool

  • :0

  • if you look at the right computer you can literally find the cover of the henry stickmin collection

  • Yeah

  • What about MLG?


  • The next time you want to ask for something in Among Us, just remember that theres only three developers trying their best. Go easy on them please

  • The Koroks also appear in wind waker and that plant is my fave Korok is Makear

  • I noticed another Henry Stickman Easter egg in the hallway leading to admin, office and lava pit on Polus. It is a picture on the wall and if you look closely, you can make out Henry's Line-Eyes.

  • 1:02 that one