10 Most Protected People in the World

Opublikowany 3 lis 2018
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When it comes to security, there’s not one perfect system. If you’re an important person in this world, you might find yourself in need of security guards to go about your day-to-day activities safely. For government officials, this cost is already factored into the country’s taxes. If you’re a religious figure, tithes and offerings help pay for your protection. But if you’re a celebrity or a world figure, you have to open up your own wallet for your personal security. The more important a person is, the more protection they need. Unfortunately, there are some corrupt people in this world who will take extreme measures to get close to important people for various reasons. From security guards to armored vehicles to an entire team of soldiers on standby watching the public’s every move, the people on this list do everything that they can to stay protected. Some of the most protected people in the world are also some of the most important figures who influence our future. But there are also some heavily protected people out there who are a danger to us all.
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  • Politicians & President: Body Guards and Armored Vehicles. Me: Ozone Layer !

  • Please kindly add how much cost is also paid in their security.

  • The most protected person, is someone that protect by [Allah s.w.a].

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  • List is pretty accurate except for one person - Eminem's daughter Hailie

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