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Referees are often overlooked in sports but they are arguably the most important part of any sport, they are often abused by players and fans just for doing their job, it’s definitely not a fun job but sometimes the cameras capture some funny moments from referees today we’re going through 10 Funny moments with referees in sports
This first referee is double checking a decision in a football match using VAR a reasonably new controversial technology which takes a closer look at decisions made by the referee and gives the referee a chance to double check his decision but while this referee is using it a player comes over to see to which the referee nudges him away and also gives im a yellow card
This next referee went viral for playing a joke on the players this referee isn’t only a female but she's also stunning, the fools players into thinking shes going to pull out a card and book one of the players but she instead pulls out a tissue
This next moment is crazy in this football match between nantes and psg this referee is knocked over by diego carlos a brazilian centre back, but in one of the most unprofessional moves captured on camera the referee while on the floor kicks the player who pushed him over and gave him a yellow card
There’s probably no referee in the world that loves his job as much as steve willis does steve is a boxing referee and you can tell by his mannerisms he really loves the game and his job and even though he might not be the best referee he is hilarious
In this charity football peace match played in israel a funny moment happens with the referee, the match is being played by football legends such as ronaldinho roberto carlos and kaka, kaka in particular plays a part in this video, the female referee gives him a yellow card but this is only so she can take a selfie with the legend
This next nba referee does something you’ll never see in any other nba match and had fans and spectators howling, this referee comes running and jumps to block kris humphries throw even the commentators were surprised
This next angry referee shows off his martial arts skills in this clip and proceeds to beat both of the two competitors until he is subdued by judges and people standing by im pretty sure this clip is fake but it’s funny nonetheless
This 1 in a million shots in ice hockey sees the hockey puck hit the referee in the mid section which it then deflects and turns into a goal but it’s disallowed because the puck deflected off the referee the shot is so hard that it literally knocks the referee over
In this next video this korean volleyball player starts dancing in celebration every time her team scores one time she does she dances over and dances on the referee to which he is just confused and tries not to look unprofessional
This next clip was famous when it first happens in this football match this referee accidentally gives a red card instead of a yellow one he was meant to give out, to ronaldinho of all players, when they both realise the mistake they laugh it off


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  • Other referees give yellow card. Player's mad. Accidentally pulls red then yellow. Player sighs in relief.

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  • I mind Johnny Doyle got a straight red for crossing the ball & it hit ref on the head,ref said he meant it,

  • He said a push that was not a push obviously if someone is falling in front of you while at the same time they tripped on you (not with purpose of tripping them), you would brace yourself

  • The martial arts ref was mad cause they didn’t stop fighting

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