1.15/1.16 Universal Tree Farm

Opublikowany 1 mar 2020
Blast chamber compatible tree farm that works with oak, birch, spruce, jungle and acacia trees.

In order to work in 1.16 you need to do a simple 1 minute fix. It's explained in this video:
rates in logs/h
oak: 9,400
birch: 10,600
spruce: 11.300
jungle: 12,200
acacia: 12,600

world download:
1.15: www.mediafire.com/file/c8dydtzw08s9thw/1_15utf_ilmango.zip/file
1.16: www.mediafire.com/file/rndim7yim8doc7t/1_16utf+ilmango.zip/file
Tutorial For Blast Chamber (includes link how to hook up multiple block streams to one bc):

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  • Me: "Sees the amount of pistons used in the tutorial". Also me: "I should probably make a tree farm before I build this".

  • I built this in my SMP server. I found that if it snows on the leaf breakers, for some reason when the snow piles on top of the redstone block and sticky piston it has a chance to randomly update that the sticky piston is being powered which activates it. This breaks the top section of the leaf breakers every time it snows. So I would recommend a glass roof to prevent the snow from falling on the entire machine. Plus, ilmango suggested a roof to prevent lightning strikes anyways. Edit: Snow on top of the height detection system can also break everything. So needs a roof for sure.

  • server as too slow tick lead to the farm constanlty break unfortunately

    • I managed to slow the part where the wood wall is converted to a single pipe and it fixed most of my problems. Unfortunately it doesn't support the merge with the second wood wall so the farm doesn't work with acatia anymore

  • Fiz ela no survival e é muito top

  • I'm trying to build this on bedrock.... and at 19:27 I noticed the placement of the sticky piston in relation to the redstone block is a negative... no reaction like in the video... so I'm assuming redstone blocks in Java react differently from redstone blockes in bedrock and more than likely other block properties as well so I'm going to save myself some time and stop building this beautiful work of art... sadly I doubt it will work as intended on bedrock version.

  • 43:16

  • How large is the layout

  • each time i use it the dirt gets pushed back, does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Same - don't know how to fix it.

  • Dustless is a joke

  • But how do I connect the part of the bomb to the braid wood blow

  • What do we call the smooth sequel to The Bomb?

  • How to read the second video

  • Does this still work in 1.16.4

    • Yes, but on spigot or paper you must turn off some settings for it to work. One setting makes blocks indestructible when they pushed. In vanlilla blocks have 0 blast resistance when getting pushed. Also I think it was spigot which makes 0 tick pistons have a high chance to fail and both also fixes TNT duping.

  • Little help here: Anyone know why the dirt block is stuck permanently retracted? It was working before but not it's just like this now when I came back to it.

    • @Kurovan Found that you can just break the dirt block and push it back down into place from the top. But I've got a different problem now. After a while of farming jungle trees, the whole log pushing system screwed up Lol. Probably going to go to the 4 tree type system.

    • Same problem. Looking through comments to find the solutions 😂

  • I am having a problem at the TNT blaster where one wood block gets pushed to the open space were the TNT should drop. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Are you playing on a server? If no the problem is probably you have to clear the TNT chamber and be 100% sure all the pistons and observers is in the correct place. To make this easier I would get the blueprint mod called schematica. You will often see Ilmango using this mod in his videos

  • Hello I reproduced this machine but it does not work I am in 1.16.4 does this machine work in 1.16.4 if yes what is the problem thank you in advance.

    • It works, but spigot and paper servers got som settings which will result in it failing

  • does it work for 16.4

  • works for bedeok

  • Funciona no ps4?

  • I can’t seem to get the piston pushers to work the red stone torches just get broken because the pistons don’t push the wood away fast enough any solutions?

  • this game community is amazing

  • is this tree farm working on 1.16.4?

  • i really expect more from you guys at scicraft. knowing the size of this thing would have been a great help, and if the tutorial actually covered the process of hooking the blast chamber up to this. as it stands, this is useless to me. it might as well be heiroglyphics etched in stone.

  • Are there any value of creating this? Creating this in Survival mode would be impossible. So when you are in Creative mote, just grab your self the wood you need, no machine needed :)

    • @ilmango lol

    • @ilmango :) The creation is marvellous, loved the video. I am trying to create the Perpetual Motion Machine....

    • how can go through life being this ignorant?

  • This still work for 1.16.4? Because im already build error in piston for pull and push tree

  • The dirt that was pushed into the minecart will occasionally disappear. In addition, the piston system to transport logs seems to break occasionally via logs getting pushed where they should not be.. The pistons , sticky pistons along the music blocks seem to be the culprit. Any ideas?

  • Mais alguém veio pelo davi?

  • Does anyone know how much bonemeal this uses per hour? I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a self supplying mod using a massive melon farm (auto compost).

  • Well time to go do redstone in the corner for the next month as I need a ton of acatia for a mega build and finally have a efficient way to do it, plus this just looks cool

  • This mans mind, works like a schematic.

  • Quem veio pelo Davi ?

  • Idk wether he mentioned it but can you use this farm for the nether type tree farms as well?

  • Quem veio pelo davizão?

  • Davi gamer

  • S

  • A

  • A

  • does it work for the 1.16 trees?

  • I'm a big of your content, l really like your videos, so l would like to ask you to put subtitles in Portuguese because I am brazilian and I connot understand your language

  • Vim pelo Davi

  • Yiro jfekfoflle

  • This farm work on the Bedrock version?

  • davizão me trouxe aqui

  • Quem veio pelo Davi? Br representando aqui!


  • Does this work on Spigot 1.16.4? (taking into account the general fixes for 1.16.4)

  • A sane 1.16 dark oak farm. Please

  • I really can't believe how someone creates such technical and mega efficient farms. I really appreciate the amount of hard work ilmango has put into this.

  • Does it work on bedrock ?

  • Any reason for the blocks that are Glazed Terracotta? Why are those blocks not just white concrete like every other building block?

  • For some reason the dirt block that you place saplings on is getting switched with a log and I can't figure out why. If anyone else is having this issue can you comment

    • Did you ever find a fix to this? I am having the same issue!

  • So after having built this in survival (on a 1.16.3 spigot vanilla server), I have encountered numerous problems that a lot of the comments have posted: The downward pushing pistons that push the logs into the 1x1 seem to break. The log stream itself seems to break, eventually pushing past itself breaking redstone causing the whole system to backup. The dirt block not being pushed back into place. I believe all 3 of these issues are just overlapped from one another and the backup of logs. I dont know what is causing this to happen though (and yes I have done the target block fixes). Furthermore I also built the TNT blast chamber, and that seems to have similar issues. Logs backing up the system and causing incorrect pushes to occur. Ive also had the sand blocks break off on one side for some reason. Eventually, before the blast chamber is even full enough), a log as already covered up the center hole and then the chamber blows itself up. So Im just guessing neither of these systems like to work on servers, that is the only conclusion I can make.

    • @Ádám V. No, I don’t see any screenshots or links to one.

    • @Michael Mahon Could you see the screenshot or the link haven't worked for you? Since then my blast chamber blew up and I figured out at first you have to copy block-by-block it from the other video and can't copy it with Litematica.

    • @Ádám V. any chance you can send me a screenshot with your chunk borders on? So I can see where you placed yours at exactly

    • The downward pistons broke everything else. The sticky pistons couldn't pull them back because of the chunk border. The first wood broke only the downward pistons, but the second broke the whole system. After putting them in the same chunk it worked for me. The blast chamber works too.

    • @Ádám V. what about the downward pistons? Are they no longer glitching? And what about the blast chamber? Is that working for you now as well? Or did you not have problems with the chamber?

  • I've built this machine twice now in survival 1.16 but I get the same problem and I can't figure it out. I also placed the target blocks like in his other video. So everything works fine but the downwards facing pistons that are supposed to bring the big wide log streams into a small 1x1 stream get all crazy and don't get retracted by the sticky pistons again. (Those that he builds around 41:00 - 42:00) I can't seem to figure it out. Any help? Thanks in advance.

  • Does this farm work in servers?

  • 47:46

  • Brilliant. The conveyor is mesmerizing, I love it. You didn't seem to use tweakaroo that much during that build, even when it could have been convenient, any particular reason ?

  • I have built this perfectly and it still doesn't work, the block pushers after the height measurers get all messed up and the dirt block kept not going back, and the hopper minecart kept falling through the floor.

    • @schneid3306 No and I've tried it on the world and the original works fine unless I try to recreate it. Then the new one doesn't work both editions in the world have different problems.

    • Did you ever find a fix for this?

  • is this actually compatible to 1.16?

  • does this work for bedrock

  • whats funny is that im making this farm just to hoard charcoal.

  • Uhh im having difficulties using this on a sever... ive got all the blocks right but the 0 tick pushing system keeps breaking, does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Would enderman break this if it's in the end ?

    • Enderman only pick up dirt and grass blocks, so is safe t built it in the end

  • Alright i mustve been this farm 3 times before i realised it just breaks in server lmao. Shouldve listened to iskall!!!!!

  • doesnt work when i paste in litematica. the dirt and minecart get sperated and pushed away any fix?

  • @Ilmango is it important to use Terracotta? (and if yes why?)

    • @Shad0wolf0 okay thanks I noticed it when I turned it on and used cobble xD but after like 25h of fixing mistakes and building it up a couple of times it works

    • @John Lemon a little correction there. it can be pushed but it cannot be pulled

    • it's important because it can't get pushed by slime or honey blocks

    • You can replace them with obsidian. I have mine that way. Glazed terracotta is just easier to get if you find the badland biomr

  • dark oak

  • Is there a way to fix it if I accidentally grew a big oak tree or is it too far gone alread

  • Bone meal consumption an hour?

  • why do u need the big blast chamber, i just wanted to make chests

  • Would it be possible to add a module that converts extra biomass into bone meal and feeds it back into the machine?

    • should be really easy though it won't make much bonemeal at all Run an item sorter out of the sapling/apple output and make that go into a composter

  • Thank you for all you post! I came across an issue where the two streams of logs merge. The main stream keeps crushing the redstone torch and breaking. I tested it on your world download and it did the same thing. I rewired the entire area to make it work but doesn't look as clean or compact as yours. You are awesome and keep it up!

  • not gonna lie, its a gorgeous build.

  • Will the single stream outputted be too fast for a wither cage or no cause tnt duping is patched on the server I play on

  • Imagine if we didnt have observers at this point in minecraft

  • Please like so that other people having trouble can see. If you are having trouble with the tree farm you just built, then I have help to offer. I built it using a schematic. I placed everything correctly, it said so. But, it still failed miserably. The dirt didn't always go back, the pistons got all crazy. Step 1: make the changes for the 1.16 versions. Mango made a video. Step 2: When you build this farm(or after), make sure you place logs in the tree-height detection area. That means all observers that look at wood will have wood in front of them. (when you do this, a whole bunch of pistons will fire, and the dirt block will maybe be there, maybe not. wait until you are done. Once you place *all* of the blocks, you can break the pistons that got moved incorrectly and place them back correctly. Step 3: as others have said, make sure you place the three items in the dropper tower(The bottom dropper). Hopefully this saves someone some time :)

    • my items keep getting stuck in the dropper tower, any suggestions?

  • First time that I build such a complex farm in survival, but when you are done after hours of hard work, it's just amazing to see it working! Almost feels like cheating, but well now I need a bone meal farm :D And yes, can confirm it works perfectly in 1.16.3 when you have placed the target blocks.

  • When i get the 12 high jungle tree the dirt block doesnt get dropped back off for the next sapling. I have to update the observer manually to make the farm trigger again then the dirt gets dropped back off. Nothing else breaks. Anyone have an idea?

  • this farm is amazing. I just have a problem with the dropper who drop sappling to the player. It seems the redstone block above him cause this problem (the dropper drops nothing)

  • I did it with schematica, everything ok until i tried to use it. It went SO BAD.

  • Hey guys, don't forget the 3 items in the dropper for the tree height detection, it took me 9 hours rebuilding parts of the farms that broke, testing and understanding what goes wrong with that detection system that break all the farm

    • Faon Page I did that and realized I missed a repeater and the signal wasn’t getting to the piston thx tho

    • @Will Pittman never happened to me, when something went wrong I started reverse engineering the part of the farm that cause the issue, you should maybe do the same. The item are parts of the tree height detection and I think they act as a clock for the line of piston cycling throught system that's really all i know

    • I put 3 items on the droppers but one keeps getting stuck and ideas?

  • I built this, but the bottom piston in the downward-facing chain that pushes the logs down isn't being pulled back by the sticky piston. The sticky piston fires and retracts but doesn't bring the other piston with it. All the other pistons are working fine. Any ideas as to what could cause this?

  • How would I build this with a tnt duper. I tried to just take out all of the tree height detectors, and just hook up both streams of logs to a duper but it would not work. The dirt block would not be pushed back, and the leave breakers kept breaking.

  • I was going to make this tonight, but geez louise...

  • Does this farm work on paper?

    • y tested it?

  • Does it work on bedrock?

  • For what use does he use the terracotta blocks?

  • Me at 3 am searching for a simple tree farm founding this wtf is that

  • Items list with Stephen's Music 1.16 fix. +------------------------+-------+ | Item | Total | +------------------------+-------+ | White Concrete | 910 | | Observer | 334 | | Redstone Dust | 287 | | Piston | 240 | | White Stained Glass | 166 | | Sticky Piston | 153 | | Hopper | 130 | | Honey Block | 100 | | Redstone Repeater | 85 | | Slime Block | 79 | | Lime Glazed Terracotta | 76 | | Note Block | 76 | | Birch Fence Gate | 62 | | Water Bucket | 56 | | Dropper | 53 | | Block of Redstone | 50 | | Powered Rail | 42 | | Pink Glazed Terracotta | 34 | | Redstone Torch | 26 | | Redstone Comparator | 24 | | Chest | 22 | | Iron Trapdoor | 16 | | Light Blue Carpet | 15 | | Red Concrete | 9 | | Dispenser | 7 | | Stone Button | 7 | | Orange Stained Glass | 5 | | Sand | 4 | | Obsidian | 3 | | White Shulker Box | 3 | | Birch Sign | 2 | | Lever | 2 | | Redstone Lamp | 2 | | Target | 2 | | Cauldron | 1 | | Dirt | 1 | | Flower Pot | 1 | +------------------------+-------+ | Item | Total | +------------------------+-------+ 1.16 Problem and Fix I followed this video but im having problems with the double piston extenders, the second line of pistons dont seem to update themselves when pushed by the first, and they just go out of sync, also the wood pusher piston extender seems to take some redstone blocks with it when it retracts ruining everything. I made this is survival so i probably made a mistake somewhere. anyone know why this might happen. Fixed: Because of the most recent snapshot changes to Redstone, the farm was acting up when a Redstone line was supposed to soft power a block, then lead to a glass block as seen at 16:48, this block just needs to be replaced by a target block. same with this block at the top of the double piston extender 25:57.

  • hi, it's this farm go on 1.16.2? thanks

  • Does anyone have a problem with the dirt that never recovers in the right place?

    • @Wookis yeah I have the target blocks, but it’s still acting weird. Time to figure it out I guess xD. Also your English is fine 👍

    • @Bungee Cord @Bungee Cord You need to place some target blocks (check the coms) someone watch where you need to place this blocks. For the construction I had the shematics but a log put self in the whole where the tnt drop, boom observer and rails are destroyed. I destroyed all the farm. I found a duplicator (maybe less faster than the ilmango farm) but I had a ton of shulker with logs. (Sorry if my English is bad I'm not an English guy)

    • @Wookis also, how did you fix the dirt problem? I have that too, ive been stumped for quite a while xD

    • @Wookis make sure the binary counters for it (the observers and pistons and each side) are in the starting configuration. You can check in the world download(the farm that hasen't been turned on yet). schematics are helpful too.

    • I have fix this problem but now the wood is push in the hole where the tnt is dropped. Tnt destroyed the system is really frustrating

  • has anyone built this in 1.16.3 with it working? i can't get mine to work, even after putting in the target blocks.

    • @Max what errors did you make? just curious because the dirt block sometimes doesnt get pushed back, and some other problems too. Might save me some time xD

    • I just build it and yes it does work, but I made 2 mistakes, that took like 6 hours to find. If you build it like me in survival I would guess you have some errors in it too, it's very unlikely to have everything exactly right. Or just download ilmangos save and see it working, then you know you made a mistake :D

  • The pistons that finally push the blocks down into the blockstream keep breaking on my farm and ruin everything around them :/

    • Have the exact same problem, i tried so much, but can't get it to work. I think it has something to do with overall lag, as it never breaks in the downloaded world.

    • @AbsoluTim I did but now it matters little anymore... I had to destroy the farm because of all the redstone problems i couldnt even begin to handle :( the blast chamber also blew up after a while of testing...

    • Are you sure you pu the 3 items into the dropper column?

  • Wow this farm is truly insane 11.300 spruce per hour that’s almost as fast as mining it by hand

  • someone know if this farm still works un 1.16.1?

  • What kind of schematic is that mod?

  • Imango.. Your mind is a place of wonder! This design was affected by the 1.16 updates :-(

  • does this tree farm produce apples?

  • I've been building this entire contraption with the TNT chamber too for three days, just to realize it's very hard to spawnproof completely because you can easily miss some 7 light level sections. 9th minute being AFK and a Creeper felt over me, almost killing me and destroying the most complex part of the farm. I'll have a great night tomorrow trying to fix... Just don't forget to light everything!

  • I'm having problems with the acacia, it's pushing the dirt out and breaking the farm, I did the target blocks and everything, this works for Oak and other saplings.

    • PS : i did the fix with the target blocks and i still have it

    • I also have that trouble and another one: pistons used to breaks leaves are stuck somehow in the middle of the farm

    • @Xoocit BRens i already made the fix :3

    • @Nathan Licot Ilmango made a update video for tree farms go check that

    • Did you guys have found a solution?

  • Fixes for 1.16.2: I'm still currently looking into it, but here's what I have so far: 16:49 - The white concrete block (that has a piston and then redstone block attached) = needs to be changed to a target block. 25:58 - The white concrete block (the very top one) = needs to be changed to a target block.


    • You can also replace the first target block with a regular block with redstone on top, and the glass next to it can also be made a regular block then. The second target block still has to be there, but the glass block there can also be a regular block.

    • will it work with those changes or is it still a work in progress?