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0:50THANKS MOM!!!!! #Shorts
THANKS MOM!!!!! #Shortswyświetleń 9KDzień temu
3:02ITZY Performs 'In the Morning' | #MTVFreshOut
HEAVIEST POPCORN EVER!!🍿| MTV #shortswyświetleń 17K15 dni temu
0:20What did Kim Kardashian win an award for?


  • Letras Lyrics Brazil Armys Love Amor Brasil Sul América Artist: 방탄소년단 (BTS) Song: 잠시 (Telepathy) Album: BE (Deluxe) Music Hangul 매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해 별일은 없지 아픈 곳은 없겠지 난 요즘에 글쎄 붕 떠 버린 것 같아 많은 시간 덕에 이런 노랠 쓰네 이건 너를 위한 노래 Yeah 노래 yeah 노래 자 떠나자 푸른 바다로 우리가 함께 뛰어놀던 저 푸른 바다로 괜한 걱정들은 잠시 내려놓은 채로 잠시 우리끼리 즐겨보자 함께 추억하는 푸른 바다 한가운데 작은 섬 비록 지금은 멀어졌어도 우리 마음만은 똑같잖아 내 곁에 네가 없어도 yeah 네 곁에 내가 없어도 yeah 우린 함께인 걸 다 알잖아 매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해 아침 들풀처럼 일어나 거울처럼 난 너를 확인 눈꼽 대신 너만 묻었다 잔뜩 또 무겁다 멍 많은 무르팍이 거릴 거닐며 생각해 이 별이 허락해 주는 우리의 거리 Oh can I be your Bibilly Hills Like you did the same to me (Baby) 너무 빠른 건 조금 위험해 너무 느린 건 조금 지루해 너무 빠르지도 않게 또는 느리지도 않게 우리의 속도에 맞춰 가보자고 이건 꽤나 긴 즐거운 롤러코스터 비록 지금은 멀어졌어도 우리 마음만은 똑같잖아 내 곁에 네가 없어도 yeah 네 곁에 내가 없어도 yeah 우린 함께인 걸 다 알잖아 매번 같은 하루들 중에 너를 만날 때 가장 난 행복해 매번 다른 일상들 속에 너란 사람은 내게 가장 특별해... Read More

  • These 2 are soo awesome. We need more of them

  • Damn jake is super childish

  • MY ANXIETY 😐👆👇👆👇👆👇👆👇👆📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Hello

  • So in love with this song rn💜

  • Really kim wtf

  • very müq

  • i feel so bad for her

  • Finally got to see her mother 🤣

  • Aubrey and Lizzie would make a cute couple

  • BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 army 💜♾️

  • This is season 7 itself guys Who agree?

  • Pudieron hacer una canción juntos pero no asi que bayanse al carajo

  • Telepathy needs more LOVE! I LOVEEEEEE IT

  • Princess is gorgeoussssss

  • 🤮

  • Walk like Rihanna

  • Yesss

  • hey nick u aboutta drowned blulalal😂

  • Perfect!!!


  • this reminds me of my channel but relaxed

  • Ashley: you don't want to f*ck up anymore. Tana: oops too late

  • I could do all of these except for the one with the flies. That’s just insane to me.

  • Why would you go on a show to get tattoos knowing that you fucked your friends dude? What did you think was goin to happen??

  • I feel bad for the insects

  • BTS 💜🌸

  • Man... this is stupid. Why don’t you just go on a mrbeast video contest

  • wow her parents must be proud

  • Eminem is fcking legend

  • Lil nas x im a boy im a big fan

  • I knew it!! The ppl on The Circle were too animated to not be actors

  • Bretman bretman bretman..🤣😂😂

  • 1,00000 % better than Tana's show

  • And the last one that I went through it was the scariest one with spiders my biggest fear and at that time I was already like it for seven or eight and I didn't know what to do like I need to get 100 keys were surrounding me and my dad needed to save me his daughter.


  • And I need to save my mom and my grandma it was like the scariest thing in my little brother that's three and almost four it was like the scariest thing I ever done in my life when I was 7 I went through one like this too

  • Like I'm 17 and when I first went to a other thing like this I went through everyone and I saw one go through it after I was done with it and it was really painful and I couldn't breathe because I couldn't swim at that time when I was 5 I went to the kid one and I almost drowned

  • I Don't Like it

  • The one with the clowns and blood it was the scariest one like if I were there I would literally like freak out and scream because I'm not a really good fan of blood and clowns

  • 💜

  • Imagine singing AND dancing together, let alone wearing FACE MASKS too! I could NEVER 🙌

  • The fact that Scarlett got all of it correct and how she can tell hemsworth’s elbow is pointy 😏😏

  • time when young people knows how to enjoy the just phone and without internet u are dead!

  • Please tell me why I thought Jeffree Star was on the thumbnail 🤐🤐🤐 I'm sooo sorry! Hahahaha

  • I was so confused about Gottmik being here BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING! He looks BEAUTIFUL. That HAIR is EVERYTHING ❤️❤️ Goes with his outfit and hair PERFECTLY! Love you!!

  • Gottmik on thumbnail Me : click *watching

  • Jesus loves you he is coming sooner than we think we need to be ready! Stay safe and God bless😀 for he lived died and resurrected

  • +🐊🦈

  • 😱😱😱😨😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • 🈁。

  • The host is from wild in out can i get a shout out for exposing her

  • Hola

  • Jdkxj

  • Did I watch the entire video instead of just skipping to Mik's parts as I initially planned? Yes, I did.

  • Joey has an awesome sense of humor!

  • Y'all lowkey may need to make this a real show on MTV and bring Nick Cannon on every now and then to see how this will work.