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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.


1:03:32Hawkeye Tag Team in Marvel’s Avengers!
Hawkeye Tag Team in Marvel’s Avengers!wyświetleń 53KDzień temu
10:38The Truth behind Heroes Reborn with Jason Aaron
3:09Kate Bishop: Who is the other Hawkeye?
Kate Bishop: Who is the other Hawkeye?wyświetleń 71K7 dni temu
3:27Who is Silk?? | Marvel's Long Story Short
3:24Baron Zemo's Comic Origins
Baron Zemo's Comic Originswyświetleń 159K14 dni temu
2:02Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer
1:13HEROES REBORN Event Trailer | Marvel Comics
3:03:12How to Draw Scarlet Witch and Storm LIVE!
2:37X-Women | Top 10
X-Women | Top 10wyświetleń 38K14 dni temu
4:58Ant-Man's Giant Family Tree
Ant-Man's Giant Family Treewyświetleń 68K21 dzień temu


  • It looks like apex trailer

  • Love this film

  • How original.. loki deserves better

  • todos vinimos por missa XD

  • Incredible actor, Captain Terror

  • Templerun 😆😆😆😆

  • If this is mid season than I guess 6th episode isn't last

  • F** you Wyatt, I mean Walker! JK, This show wouldn’t be great without you!

  • Hate John walker as much as you want but not Wyatt Russell.

  • Guadalupo nuevo vengador alv

  • Why is no one talking about, “bring your swimsuit”? I spit my water XD

  • I would love to see the godkiller and ordin bester

  • I remember covering my ears the day it came out when I went to my classroom. Because there was this ONE KID that went to the movies really early in the morning to watch it. All I heard was, “captain America turned really old.” I really thought he was lying....

  • My prediction is, the masked one is ronin aka clint...

  • Everyone is hating him bcs of his great acting.

  • Instead of complaining about the hate he's getting let's give him love. I love Wyatt Russell. He is awesome.

  • When he said we could have been a time. I got chills of how evil his role is. He's very good at acting!

  • Most people want to recast Chadwick But not us... 1 Actor 1 Black Panther✊🏾🖤

  • Who watch this video until end?

  • Watt tussle acting is incredible 👍 👍

  • OMG 3 years!!!

  • I like Marvel but my dad won’t get Disney plus because they fired a Gena lady

  • I just can’t stop to watch this, 1 week later hahahaha THANK U MARVEL

  • Team Zemo <3

  • l-o-k-i

  • I want to live this moment again.😭😭

  • F U to the 8.6k ppl who disliked. u are some sort of messed up

  • "You can only do so much!" LMAO. Wyatt Russell's acting is spot on, despite the fact that in real life he has can't even tell Marvel from DC!!!

  • Really I don't thought that black panther movie is coming R.I.P Chadwick boseman

  • He made us all hate John Walker’s Captain America because he’s such a good actor

  • hate the character, NOT THE ACTOR. sheesh people are dumb.

  • 2nd time he's a super-soldier

  • Imagine what would happen if louis from the ant man franchise have to sign for whatever he said by the TVA , it would take decades to sign 😂😂😂

  • Ok RYAN!

  • Honestly this is the marvel show I am most excited for. Can't wait.

  • Marvel made a 1 Hour of Zemo dancing. *Yes, now I can see him Vibing 24 Hours*

  • I love u m8

  • i just realize Scott called Clint "arrow guy"

  • The dumbest of all marvel movies

  • Few Good Thing This Movie Wasn’t Made In 2019 *If You Know What I’m Talking About*

  • Tt

  • 👎🏻 trash just like the last avenger game

  • 1:16 Can you imagine getting paid to do that?

  • Wyatt Russell is a great actor 👏👏❤❤

  • This time please for pc

  • im confused, how does he have a beard

  • 2:01

  • Ant-man

  • 🙌

  • Cool

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  • It’s so funny seeing Ward so peppy 😂

  • I dont like the JW. Captain amica

  • Gosh I wish it was still 2019.

  • My Captain America is Steve Rogers Marvel has disrespected his role. Shame on you Marvel

  • I think it was all natural instinct to hate John Walker not the actor! However as each episode has progressed I love him as a villain. His acting is incredible for that role. Hopefully he continues on in the MCU after this show


  • "what did i do to deserve this" you did everything you could RIP 💔

  • Kind of find it ironic the voice actor for Klaw is usually best known for playing Wolverine.

  • Wow machane karne wali hai movie

  • I wonder if he was planning on buying the Xbox from NoobMaster69.

  • who was dressed as doctor strange in the 80’s?

  • Man next Friday we get the end to a "movie" that is not only longer than Zack Snyder Justice League but also much better. This is why marvel is so much better than DC in the live action industry.

  • We all miss you bruh! You are and will be one of the greatest actors of all time. Thank you for sharing your talents. The entire black world 🌎 love you! Rest in Peace out beautiful Prince!!

  • You're awesome bro...🔥

  • can anyone tell me what is the big deal with this dance ? i mean everyone is talking about Zemo's dance and sharing it but i still don't get it :(

  • Did “tell it animation” animate this?

  • *Dang! That intro reminded me of homelander, lol.*

  • This is unrelated to the video posted But why didn't the SHIELD agents help The AVENGERS in the fight against Thanos and his Army I need answers pls , I don't know if the question looks dumb but I need answers 🥺

  • One thing I notice all time he look different all time .

  • I'm so excited to watch this movie I can't wait 🥺🥰🥰🥰

  • I miss Tommy and Billy

  • Bring this back

  • This is the reason marvel is awesome

  • Ive had a crush on him ever since world war z

  • Ladies and gentlemen I give you your new black panther! Travis scott!

  • “The Captain” is just the us agent

  • SPOILERS FOR THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 0:28 you can actually see John's DIY shield.

  • The Ironman suit with Wakanda tech on

  • That fight scene was amazing. I've watched it so many times. They need their own series. Isn't there a dora milaje comic storyline are they go on missions? Yeah, that would be awesome!!