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0:17Drew Brees passing the torch to Jameis Winston
1:24Myles Garrett Injury vs. Chiefs (Minor)
Myles Garrett Injury vs. Chiefs (Minor)wyświetleń 21K3 dni temu
0:21Justin Tucker doinks ANOTHER field goal
Justin Tucker doinks ANOTHER field goalwyświetleń 51K4 dni temu
0:49Aaron Donald Heated Moment w/ Elgton Jenkins
0:57The Browns Win Their 1st Playoff Game Since 1994
0:43Nick Chubb Ends the Steelers Hype Train
Nick Chubb Ends the Steelers Hype Trainwyświetleń 136K10 dni temu
0:43"The comeback is on" -no one ever
"The comeback is on" -no one everwyświetleń 151K10 dni temu
0:58The Steelers give the Browns a gift
The Steelers give the Browns a giftwyświetleń 163K10 dni temu
0:45Anthony Miller EJECTED vs. Saints
Anthony Miller EJECTED vs. Saintswyświetleń 176K10 dni temu
0:09The children are listening, Cordarrelle
The children are listening, Cordarrellewyświetleń 537K10 dni temu
1:31The most laughable NFL penalty ever
The most laughable NFL penalty everwyświetleń 791K10 dni temu
0:49Taylor Heinicke Scrambles & Dives for INSANE TD
1:49NFL referees don't use common sense
NFL referees don't use common sensewyświetleń 265K11 dni temu
0:50Aaron Donald Ribs Injury vs. Seahawks
Aaron Donald Ribs Injury vs. Seahawkswyświetleń 158K11 dni temu
0:26DK Metcalf is human after all
DK Metcalf is human after allwyświetleń 264K11 dni temu
1:04Jamal Adams DIRTY Hit on John Wolford
Jamal Adams DIRTY Hit on John Wolfordwyświetleń 240K11 dni temu
0:34Josh Allen Loses 23 YARDS on Sack & Fumble
3:58NFL Funniest "Hot Mic" Moments (2020)
NFL Funniest "Hot Mic" Moments (2020)wyświetleń 240K15 dni temu
0:31Washington defender helps Jalen Hurts fly
Washington defender helps Jalen Hurts flywyświetleń 101K17 dni temu
4:22Titans Clinch AFC South w/ CRAZY ENDING
Titans Clinch AFC South w/ CRAZY ENDINGwyświetleń 751K17 dni temu
0:24Jerry Jeudy 92 Yard Touchdown vs. Raiders
Jerry Jeudy 92 Yard Touchdown vs. Raiderswyświetleń 178K17 dni temu
0:31Derrick Henry Hits 2,000 Rushing Yards
Derrick Henry Hits 2,000 Rushing Yardswyświetleń 77K17 dni temu
0:34Emmanuel Sanders makes $500k from one catch
0:48Derrick Henry 52 Yard Touchdown Run
Derrick Henry 52 Yard Touchdown Runwyświetleń 94K17 dni temu
1:13Cordarrelle Patterson 200IQ Kickoff Play
Cordarrelle Patterson 200IQ Kickoff Playwyświetleń 525K17 dni temu
1:03Mike Evans Serious Knee Injury vs. Falcons
Mike Evans Serious Knee Injury vs. Falconswyświetleń 435K17 dni temu
0:24Bill Belichick is firing someone tonight
Bill Belichick is firing someone tonightwyświetleń 871K23 dni temu
0:48Bills pull off a PERFECT fake punt
Bills pull off a PERFECT fake puntwyświetleń 144K23 dni temu
12:36NFL VIRAL Plays that Broke the Internet (2020)
1:02Aaron Rodgers Scrambles for 15 Seconds
Aaron Rodgers Scrambles for 15 Secondswyświetleń 448K24 dni temu
1:23Josh Reynolds almost pulled a Plaxico Burress
0:29Drew Lock threw it to the wrong receiver
Drew Lock threw it to the wrong receiverwyświetleń 472K24 dni temu
0:26Logan Thomas Hurdles Defender & Stays Airborne
1:22Kyler Murray Injured After Big Hit | NFL Week 16
1:08DeAndre Hopkins Stomach Injury | NFL Week 16
1:32Jamal Agnew scores to put the Lions within 33
0:39Chris Godwin INSANE One-Handed Catch vs. Lions
1:05Merry Christmas Alvin Kamara
Merry Christmas Alvin Kamarawyświetleń 48K26 dni temu
1:57Ryan Finley Gets DESTROYED (No Flag)
Ryan Finley Gets DESTROYED (No Flag)wyświetleń 213KMiesiąc temu
1:27Vonn Bell HUGE HIT on JuJu Smith-Schuster
Vonn Bell HUGE HIT on JuJu Smith-Schusterwyświetleń 858KMiesiąc temu
1:11Derek Watt Scary Injury (Knocked Out) | NFL Week 15
0:08ref speaking enchantment table
ref speaking enchantment tablewyświetleń 379KMiesiąc temu
0:18Cody Parkey strikes again with another doink
Cody Parkey strikes again with another doinkwyświetleń 181KMiesiąc temu


  • They can’t let him play next weekend

  • See this pissed me off the only reason why they didn't call it is bc they don't want to see the browns be great

  • He was afraid Brady would deflate his hand.

  • That wasn’t a joke

  • This hurts to watch🤧

  • Honestly the saints are gonna be scary with jameis at qb

  • Baker mayfield looking at the chiefs like “these mf really finna gonna go for it”😂😂

  • Brady thought

  • Shouldn't be a surprise. He threw for 30 TD's in a season, although he did throw 30 INT's too.

  • Love my mans Reid...love the chiefs vibes but I was hoping to see the Browns win this one to see if they would fulfill my surprise prediction of a Browns Bucs SB. I think it’s gonna be Bills Chiefs tho

  • 2:25 was the funniest one

  • The industrious development comparably greet because men systematically hammer after a melodic bracket. addicted, damaging camera

  • That's a weird but watch your mouth before you get slimmed

  • Taysom hill

  • Josh Allen lost my respect for that

  • 7:46 number 67 clips his leg so he was down by contact....utter bs refs

  • One of our family friends uncle was a ref for this game but he wasn’t the one who missed the call

  • Tony Romo on Kansas City's nuts all game! 🌰😋

  • Mr. Bluejay. So long partner. 4 ever an Astro

  • "We're gonna do 69" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • We’ll look back at this moment some day after Jameis wins his 7th ring.

  • I still have hope that it's just a cramp

  • No helmet to helmet contact... it was the impact on the ground that did the damage. With the ball tucked in front of his chest, the whiplash, the impact with the ground did it. The tackle by the Browns player was a clean as it gets. Stop blaming the Browns player.

  • CauGhT 1:51

  • As a Saints fan, I definitely know how this bullshit feels.

  • 1:48 Fitz-ception looking like a 1970's disco inferno. Lol

  • I haven't seen Tom this happy in years.. he's having fun again.


  • 3:36.. Some body explain that situation to me..

  • Dude made the right move leaving the Vikings. Kurt Cousins was fucking up his money to favor Adam Thielen. To me, this was so obvious. Since Diggs left, Adam Thielen hasn't been talked about as a god tier type of receiver. Even the rookie outplayed him this passed season.

  • That’s why your coaches teach to slide. Poor guy hope he’s in next week.

  • "miss"

  • Joe buck makes this play so much worse that what it is.

  • Same old Browns...back to their loosing ways

  • That was no concussion. He didn't fall that way. You could see that loser pulling AND TWISTING his neck _well after he was down!_ My worry is that he has crushed a cervical nerve, traumatized the spinal cord or popped a cervical disc and it is now pressing on a nerve. Thank God he was not paralyzed by the sadistic fool, he could EASILY HAVE BEEN.

  • Funny how the Bucs didn’t even celebrate this hard after beating those frauds in the playoffs 😂

  • Tony Romo lack of playoff wins starting to reflect on his game “analysis”

  • I put this on the play call. You need to protect a talent like his as best as possible. Makes no sense to subject him to big hits by running the option, and have HIM keep it on 3rd and 1... You'd never see Montana, Rodgers, etc. being asked to do that, and these situations are reasons why. Hope he'll be alright after that hit and jarring of his neck

  • Congrats defending champs. I hope we see you again next year. Rep the AFC. DAWG POUND!

  • “ intentional grounding offense number 9” What the hell get it right ref

  • It baffles me.. that some of y’all are actually allowed to comment, because you say some of the dumbest shit. #educateyourself

  • Damn, 20 year old NFL footage looks like it was from the 80s. 👀

  • 5:55 Anyone know the final score?

  • It was number 84 LOL

  • The announcers were going so in depth it sounded like The Ben Shapiro Show. Bs calls though lions earned that game

  • Brady was like "ha, you helped the Saints the whole game and I still won"

  • Cry about it

  • The ref took the Saints and laid the points

  • Tears for what was and what can never be again. Brees was a great QB and a great team player.

  • Lebronnnnnnn james


  • I just can’t look at the saints same without drew :(

  • They didn't need to take out Brees to throw long

  • Career ender. He was pretty good and got a ring with all his millions. Take care bruh.

  • Imagine denying a high five from Tom Brady

  • Terrible refereeing crew Tom Brady was trolling that referee for a reason

  • He’s called “dirty” Dan Sorrenson for a reason

  • A concussion from that hit? Mahomes is weak.

  • Joe Rogan does this a lot literally seconds before it happens...

  • Oh you know he wanted to. Under his mask he's like "goddamit I can't!"

  • How did they not see that helmet to helmet

  • How do these quarterbacks sleep at night......SMH

  • 1:01 The guy tries starting the chant of "We're So Fucked"

  • As a 49ers fan i have sympathy for him