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1:59:46Tales of Thursdays: Tales of Vesperia | Part 4
0:36TEKKEN 7 - DLC 18 Teaser Trailer
TEKKEN 7 - DLC 18 Teaser Trailerwyświetleń 630KDzień temu
2:08:31Tales of Thursdays: Tales of Vesperia | Part 3
1:00:23Let's Play: LITTLE NIGHTMARES II (Continuation)
59:43Let's Play: Little Nightmares
1:02:18Let's Play: Code Vein
Let's Play: Code Veinwyświetleń 10K
56:11ICYMI: Little Nightmares 2 Updates and Demo
ICYMI: Little Nightmares 2 Updates and Demowyświetleń 16KMiesiąc temu
1:28ACE COMBAT 7 - 2nd Anniversary Free Update
ACE COMBAT 7 - 2nd Anniversary Free Updatewyświetleń 53KMiesiąc temu
1:45LITTLE NIGHTMARES II - Lost in Transmission Trailer
0:30JUMP FORCE - Yoruichi Trailer | X1, PS4, PC, NSW
JUMP FORCE - Yoruichi Trailer | X1, PS4, PC, NSWwyświetleń 82K2 miesięcy temu
0:53DRAGON BALL GAMES BATTLE HOUR - Announcement Trailer
1:34:14Best of Let's Play! End of the Year Celebration!
1:45SCARLET NEXUS - The Game Awards Trailer
SCARLET NEXUS - The Game Awards Trailerwyświetleń 45K2 miesięcy temu


  • We dont need him seriously

  • June kazama ??Unknown ??WHEN

  • Hype

  • Open world customized avatar Naruto game

  • If this game doesn't get game of 2020 i will lose it

  • We need some new costumes for the heroes all might endeavor fat gum aizawa nighteye

  • I bet the best legend in optc is gonna be Dragon

  • Well, after they release gentle criminal, lets wait for MHOJ3 and we pray that they take more than 8 months to do it

  • to nie ciri bo blizna na twarzy jest innego kształtu

  • Sucking at Digimon games then: Your Digimon has turned into a stupid-looking, green slug. Sucking at Digimon games now: ha ha all of your friends are dead

  • TV

  • TV

  • Man if CC2 made the Demon Slayer game an action rpg similar to the .hack games I would be so much more excited than I am for another arena fighter.

  • Xddddddd

  • I pressed cuz of cuddle core

  • Wtf is he saying O^O



  • i cant believe this game was made 3-4 years ago

  • Aż mnie ciarki przeszły, a w oczach zebrały się łzy szczęścia 😍

  • In Season 2 of the Sports Festival Kirishima & Tetsutetsu are tied but they decided to Arm Wrestle with their Quirks. When they Arm Wrestle Kirishima won the fight but Him & Tetsutetsu have the same ability but different Quirks for Hardening & Steel. Also they both get along together in a Hero Agency.

  • The ending is amazing

  • هل يوجد جزء ثالث أو جزء جديد للعبه

  • I only wish that Gundam Versus could just have the Mobile Suits and the Gundams from the various alternative universes only, without the Mobile Suits and the Gundams from the Universal Century era for once. Just this one. But that's impossible though.

  • Kurwa czy tylko mnie cringe łapie?

  • Please return the tekken mobile game android please please provide me date

  • Revive Klonoa

  • This means no kiryu kazama

    • @dueeh nyyu i am sry i did get that but is would've been so cool to see kiryu or Nishkiyama

    • I mean Polska gurrom

  • 💛

  • アメコミ感

  • Can’t believe they didn’t put monoma

  • Kurwa, juz sie balem, ze morawiecki, nawet ostatnia grę, która lubię moglby spierdolic.

    • Jak premier Polski myślałem ze Kopacz albo Szydło...

  • Nice outfit Kris

  • I wish you can make on mobile

  • corny as hell

  • Awesome Tales of Thursdays Tales of Vesperia Video.

  • Awesome My Hero One's Justice 2 Tetsutetsu Gameplay Trailer.

  • What´s the name of the song? Too bad it´s not on the official sountrack.

  • So... any guess what kind of style of martial art she has?

  • Best anime game out right this DLC still fire can't wait for Gentle !!

  • This feels like a trailer or something

  • Hi

  • Melhor que a opening 16 namoral

  • i think this is a sonic reference

  • Wolałbym Morawieckiego.

  • I've been enjoying this game more than cold war

  • Love how they are changing everything about the game cuz the first one was the worst

  • hey mono

  • Ha i figured it out when the tall man took six. (Pale city chapter) he took the body of six but not her soul. We see that the tall man. Does not kill mono. But any other monster kill mono we see him fall cause he died. But what if mono had the same fate as tall man we see him turn into him but what if mono was 7 and cause whith main characters they have numbers mono has a name but after you beat the game and go back to the first chapter you see a six block wich means mono knows six (or its just a trophy) and lets talk about the tv in chapter one so mono knows that he can go trough tvs. But thats just a theory a nightmare theory

  • I couldn't get past that dang wolf boss!! Haven't played since release. Nice job!

  • 1:30 is that who I think it is One shotgurl

  • The guy looks like a bald Jacksepticeye

  • 1:02

  • Love these streams!!

  • My only complaint in AC7 is not enough mission. There's like only 23 mission so far

  • Love this game!! Who’s playing?

  • T O P 10 M O S T S A D D E S T A N I M E *BETRAYEL* Im just gonna wait for 3rd game, im not satisfied with the ending.. Cya in 2-3 years ✌️

  • Give us a black clover 3D fighting game

  • Bruh is real?

  • Má Đỉnh

  • Love the trailer song😍

  • Gabiza bazza enggrezz

  • Lanjutin little nightmare 3 ya

  • Guys, the longer we wait the more epic the game will be! 😄 Fromsoft knows better than CDPR for sure

  • empty characters slot...thanks BANDAI NAMCO

  • God help me

  • yease pls

  • I just bought this game a month ago it's actually pretty sick

  • The only DCL character I’m gonna get