Sada Baby

Sada Baby Sada Baby

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3:20Sada Baby - "Outside" f/ Trap Manny (Official Video)
3:14Sada Baby - Pressin ft. King Von (Official Video)
2:16Sada Baby - On Gang (Official Video)
Sada Baby - On Gang (Official Video)wyświetleń 11MRok temu
2:57Sada Baby - Honest (Official Video)
Sada Baby - Honest (Official Video)wyświetleń 3,3MRok temu
3:2811  DUMBASS
11 DUMBASSwyświetleń 4MRok temu
2:2610  MUTUMBO
10 MUTUMBOwyświetleń 701KRok temu
9: PIMPNAMED DROP DATwyświetleń 116KRok temu
2:018:  ON GANG
8: ON GANGwyświetleń 172KRok temu
2:487:  SKUBA SAYS
7: SKUBA SAYSwyświetleń 2MRok temu
6 AUNTY MELODYwyświetleń 52KRok temu
5 LLYG MISTAwyświetleń 89KRok temu
4 HORSEPLAYwyświetleń 534KRok temu
3:073  EDMORE
3 EDMOREwyświetleń 297KRok temu
2: BONNIE & BLYDEwyświetleń 66KRok temu
2:54Sada Baby - Bonnie & Blyde (Official Video)
2:35Sada Baby- Driple Double (Official Video)
3:10Sadababy - LLYGMISTA [Official Music Video]
4:05Sadababy - Buddy Love
Sadababy - Buddy Lovewyświetleń 4,7M2 lat temu
2:44Sadababy - Pimp Named Drip Dat
Sadababy - Pimp Named Drip Datwyświetleń 23M2 lat temu
3:07Sada Baby - Josh Jackson
Sada Baby - Josh Jacksonwyświetleń 1M2 lat temu
3:00Sada Baby - Ghetto Champagne
Sada Baby - Ghetto Champagnewyświetleń 8M2 lat temu
3:05Sadababy - Cheat Code
Sadababy - Cheat Codewyświetleń 7M2 lat temu
2:20Sadababy - Fast Money Skuba (Official Video)


  • She back

  • He’s voice doesn’t matter he’s appearance-

  • 😂😂 I came here because of Fetty Wap

  • Queen


  • I’m streaming 🦄🦄🦄🦄 in school rn but idgaf!!

  • they want me to do my dance in these thousand dollar pants ✌🏽🎉

  • This might sound wack but vanilla Ice would sound fire on this


  • Nicki Minaj 🥺🥺

  • Onika 😍😍😍😍

  • here cause of nicki

  • It's a good song

  • whenever nickis in a song you know it’s good😜

  • ' I be in a truck that cost your whole house' 💀😭💅🏾

  • This way she da 👑

  • POV:y’all came from the dark skin saviors😂

  • If we can get chief keef and sada wit yachty my life will be complete

  • This is her song now

  • not sada baby

  • Life Is Too Short To Pretend That You Don't Like Nicki Minaj✨

  • yasss queen said BLM 😤😤

  • Wake up Barbz

  • Why they got beef ☹️

  • this type of music sucks

  • OMG,,,why is this song saying ft 'minaj' isnt it her song already 🤷🏻‍♀

  • sada baby has a smile you only see in the horror movies 0:04

  • Sada, is way too raw!! These Detroit boys dont play!!

  • 1, 761, 040

  • Gay

  • Queennn

  • She did the whole thing it was frikin fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nicki went harder. #ThatIsAll

  • 1, 759, 341

  • POV: All u see is “who here after seeing Nicki on here?” and u actually aren’t

  • Sorry but im dancing

  • Most of the comments: who's here after Nicki announced this remix Me: Here after Nicki announced this remix 😋

  • *PLthrow* *is* *freezing* but you know what?? WHERE MY BAARBSS AT???

  • Toast To The QUEEN 💯💃🥂😘😘😘🥂👑 !!!

  • 1, 758, 147

  • That 80s new wave hook and beat is creative

  • Facts : when you she feat nicki minaj , thats means the whole song made by nicki minaj

  • You would be lying if you say you don't hear Meagan The Stallion's rap style in this song!

    • ikr

  • Stream Anaconda rn 1 billion on the way 🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄

  • 0:45 TokTik

  • The queen 👑


    • ya

  • damn.... now I gotta call forensics to clean up this murder scene

  • this feels like ezale flow

  • I love the song 😍 Nicki ate her verse, but am I the only one hearing the little pauses in sada' verse.

  • It's bad that she is better on a feature than her own songs smh .

  • Nicki WOW

  • She never disappoints

  • Just wait for the music video lmaoo

  • Nicki is more creative than Megan and cardi. This was refreshing 🔥

  • Who’s been here before nicki.?? Lol tf. Sada Been on.

  • So, who's the new alter?

  • I can’t be the only one who didn’t come from Nicki

  • 10M let's go

  • Stream

  • 10M let's go

  • Queen del rap

  • Queen del rap

  • DopeAzzFukk 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘

  • It’s just so funny to me when people be saying random shit in they rap but i liked when she said 9 monthsss pregnanttttt🗣


  • Hate cardi so much I became a nicki fan😂

  • I be bumpin' this on my spaceship

  • Anyone not here because of nicki?

  • Grandpa is that you? 1:53

  • We just liked & L I S T E 🎧 E D !

  • 0:04 someone is off a perc lol

  • I came here after that Jfk meme video

  • This 2020 talking to us 😂🔥

  • If this ain't 2020 were in a matrix 😂💯♾

  • Yes Barbs she never disappoints...queen give us a video!

  • This is so fire 🔥 Luv miss Petty blessing us with this remix👑 also it might just be me but this sounds like it would be in the Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie from the 90’s

  • The geek freak Nicki Minaj

  • W

  • BARBZ Stand Up