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BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more!



0:10Hand Feeding Giant Snook #Shorts
Hand Feeding Giant Snook #Shortswyświetleń 18K2 dni temu
0:18Hooking Fish in Record Time #Shorts
Hooking Fish in Record Time #Shortswyświetleń 1,4MDzień temu
0:10Huge Goliath Topwater Eat #Shorts
Huge Goliath Topwater Eat #Shortswyświetleń 988KDzień temu
0:23Hooked Giant Fish on a Bridge #Shorts
Hooked Giant Fish on a Bridge #Shortswyświetleń 7M8 dni temu
0:16Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shorts
Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shortswyświetleń 1,6M8 dni temu
9:48Shark Fishing with Nelk - Got a Rolex
Shark Fishing with Nelk - Got a Rolexwyświetleń 445K8 dni temu
0:18Bigger Fish Eats my Fish #Shorts
Bigger Fish Eats my Fish #Shortswyświetleń 8M8 dni temu
0:34Bird Caught Under Ice #Shorts
Bird Caught Under Ice #Shortswyświetleń 495K15 dni temu
0:48Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts
Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shortswyświetleń 16M22 dni temu
8:14GIANT African Pompano - Clean \u0026 Cook
GIANT African Pompano - Clean \u0026 Cookwyświetleń 108K22 dni temu
0:49Catching Fish with Watermelon #Shorts
Catching Fish with Watermelon #Shortswyświetleń 719K29 dni temu
8:49MASSIVE African Pompano \u0026 Amberjacks
MASSIVE African Pompano \u0026 Amberjackswyświetleń 263KMiesiąc temu
0:13Walking my Pet Shark #Shorts
Walking my Pet Shark #Shortswyświetleń 4MMiesiąc temu
8:41GIANT Dolphin and Dock Fishing in Panama
GIANT Dolphin and Dock Fishing in Panamawyświetleń 292KMiesiąc temu
0:14Very RARE Albino Shark #Shorts
Very RARE Albino Shark #Shortswyświetleń 246KMiesiąc temu
12:43Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2
Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2wyświetleń 930KMiesiąc temu
0:17Cast Netting Monster Bunker  #Shorts
Cast Netting Monster Bunker #Shortswyświetleń 11MMiesiąc temu
11:18The LARGEST Snappers in the World
The LARGEST Snappers in the Worldwyświetleń 279KMiesiąc temu
0:15Feeding MASSIVE Dock Pets #Shorts
Feeding MASSIVE Dock Pets #Shortswyświetleń 2,4M2 miesięcy temu
8:25Drone Fishing for Sharks
Drone Fishing for Sharkswyświetleń 149K2 miesięcy temu
13:34How to Clean and Cook a 300lb Grouper
How to Clean and Cook a 300lb Grouperwyświetleń 1,7M2 miesięcy temu
11:49We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!
We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!wyświetleń 1,6M2 miesięcy temu
12:37MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerhead
MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerheadwyświetleń 515K3 miesięcy temu
17:37Monster Pacific Ocean Grouper Fishing
Monster Pacific Ocean Grouper Fishingwyświetleń 214K3 miesięcy temu
1:41:50Fishing for Tarpon from the Dock
Fishing for Tarpon from the Dockwyświetleń 227K3 miesięcy temu
12:23Fishing for MONSTER Sailfish in Guatemala
Fishing for MONSTER Sailfish in Guatemalawyświetleń 282K3 miesięcy temu
3:03:30Fishing for Sharks on a Jon Boat
Fishing for Sharks on a Jon Boatwyświetleń 444K4 miesięcy temu
1:55:45Dock Fishing for GIANT Bull Sharks
Dock Fishing for GIANT Bull Sharkswyświetleń 380K4 miesięcy temu
10:11MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen!
MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen!wyświetleń 575K4 miesięcy temu
13:36Top 10 Best Fishing Moments from 2020
Top 10 Best Fishing Moments from 2020wyświetleń 1,4M4 miesięcy temu


  • Sound like Mark Wiens the food bredda

  • I was fishing before and I soon as my bait hit the water I got a fish and I mean as soon as it hit it

  • Why are they so fearless?

  • Her mama will be sad

  • DAIWAってそんな世界的ブランドだったの?

  • It's so cute omg.

  • how did you get the bait out in the water cast it?

  • 何が釣れたんか気になって夜しか眠れねぇや

  • Omg

  • fool

  • Switched poles... Crackheads 😒

  • I wish in my country we could have fishing like this

  • Wow

  • Bigggggggest

  • It feels like im being pulled to the deepest depths of the ocean

  • Why would you want to catch sand fleas..

  • That was the bait pulling it

  • 😁👍shorts

  • Let it go dude....

  • Its a toothpick

  • "Have you seen my dad? His name is Marlin."

  • 何が来てないや

  • “Fish on” lol

  • I'm Peruvian we call the mui muys 🤣🤣

  • That fish would’ve bit a bare hook

  • Fake, they paid a fish to cooperate with them

  • after watching this, I WILL NEVER LET MY FRIENDS BURY MY BODY UNDER THE SAND! NEVER AGAIN! **shivering**

  • Focus on a wave when he zooms in. It’s edited

  • Thats CRAZY!!

  • ERA UNA GROSSA "CERNIA" piero roma

  • Make normal video, no short!!!

    • @BlacktipH OK, THANK Can greet u me in next clip? Please

    • We will have a regular episode on Tuesday 🤙

  • camera 60frp

  • Grouper scared me more than sharks

  • Wait they carry a deadly virus-

  • 揚げたら美味いかもな。

  • Planned... lol

  • Wow You are lucky.

  • If u cook that small shrimp the taste are good

  • لهجة يحصل قص شعر بحث عن الجملة التي 😈😉😐

  • Son of a

  • Coulda sold it

  • Bull Shark? Not smart, dude...

  • Plot twist :- the hook got stuck on the propeller.😂😂😂😂😂

  • The video pauses at around 8 seconds and continues to him catching a fish… I saw it within te first view. Watch again …

  • It's so cute

  • so cute and big amounts

  • VERBOTEN lebende köder darf man nicht angeln

  • I thought they were called sand crabs..

  • Wtf is a sand flea??? Anyone?

  • Let her go


  • Cute 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  • I remember fishing in modesto California Overnight and catching white bass and catfish like crazy using Shad. Which was 7 years from now.

  • But what do you do with them

  • I feel like a shotgun would be more effective than a rod lmao

  • Where is this? I have never heard the term sand fleas for these tiny crabs 😂

  • Why do I feel like live bait is kinda fucked up


  • No not on a bridge the thing he's on its called a boat they float on water, water well that's the wet stuff the fish is in!

  • I would say 2 in 1

  • This guy is screaming like your average youtuber and everyone else is like "chill out, freak"

  • Looks like Florida wont be hard to find fish the whole state stinks of it

  • 😀😀😀

  • alaaaaaaaa

  • Back in the day us old school fishermen didn't have these fancy reels.

  • Fleas??? Looks like dinner to me

  • You wouldn't go alone to touch bottom

  • I'd stop them.

  • Is that for real?

  • That was rare

  • Happens all the time on our charter boat out of Ponce Inlet too.

  • Use it as live bait

  • That’s a freaking swordfish

  • Plot twist its a shark

  • Beautiful male Common Goldeneye

  • Afjsecjddvjehw, ejde ejcdeeceh eheecheecee eehcee

  • Have Larry wheels do it

  • ikan indosiar cok

  • はまがめ