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When I was a kid, I had a fascination for programming and graphic design. Music kind of just happened spontaneously a few years back. I found a track on PLthrow I liked a lot - it inspired me and it made me start exploring producing myself. Everything started online with people, or rather nicknames, from around the world helping each other out. Now music is a big part of my life.


2:37Alan Walker - World of Walker 2021
Alan Walker - World of Walker 2021wyświetleń 2,3M2 miesięcy temu
2:50Alan Walker - I Don't Wanna Go (Official Lyric Video)
4:04Alan Walker x Alex Skrindo - Sky VIP (Remix)
Alan Walker x Alex Skrindo - Sky VIP (Remix)wyświetleń 3,7M4 miesięcy temu
44:00Alan Walker - Different World (Full Album)
Alan Walker - Different World (Full Album)wyświetleń 6M6 miesięcy temu
1:28:28Alan Walker - LIVE @ Neversea Festival (2018) [FULL SET]
1:03:06Alan Walker - LIVE @ Parookaville Festival (2019) [FULL SET]
1:26:49Alan Walker - LIVE @ Untold Festival (2017) [FULL SET]
3:32Hans Zimmer \u0026 Alan Walker - Time (Official Remix)
4:41INSIDE THE WORLD OF WALKER - Ep. 2 - Heading Home BTS
4:42THE BEGINNING OF THE END - Ep. 1 - Heading Home BTS
3:57THE FINAL CHAPTER - Ep. 3 . Heading Home BTS
THE FINAL CHAPTER - Ep. 3 . Heading Home BTSwyświetleń 200K9 miesięcy temu
4:12THE WAY OUT - Ep. 4 - Alone, Pt. II BTS
THE WAY OUT - Ep. 4 - Alone, Pt. II BTSwyświetleń 432K9 miesięcy temu
4:16PITCH BLACK - Ep. 3 - Alone, Pt. II BTS
PITCH BLACK - Ep. 3 - Alone, Pt. II BTSwyświetleń 158K9 miesięcy temu
4:51ARRIVING IN VIETNAM - Ep. 2 - Alone, Pt. II BTS
ARRIVING IN VIETNAM - Ep. 2 - Alone, Pt. II BTSwyświetleń 141K9 miesięcy temu
3:10THE IMPOSSIBLE - Ep. 1 - Alone, Pt. II BTS
THE IMPOSSIBLE - Ep. 1 - Alone, Pt. II BTSwyświetleń 421K9 miesięcy temu
8:5088 Questions with Alan Walker
88 Questions with Alan Walkerwyświetleń 1,2M10 miesięcy temu
0:59Alan Walker \u0026 Ruben - Heading Home (Trailer)
Alan Walker \u0026 Ruben - Heading Home (Trailer)wyświetleń 719K11 miesięcy temu



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