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1:06Do You Know Your Nintendo? - Episode 5
Do You Know Your Nintendo? - Episode 5wyświetleń 89K24 dni temu
3:28Nintendo Monthly Rewind - December 2020
Nintendo Monthly Rewind - December 2020wyświetleń 145K25 dni temu
2:22Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe
Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxewyświetleń 76K19 dni temu
9:14Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gift Exchange
3:43Why I Play - Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Why I Play - Super Mario 3D All-Starswyświetleń 163K26 dni temu
0:32FUSER - Accolades Trailer - Nintendo Switch
FUSER - Accolades Trailer - Nintendo Switchwyświetleń 146KMiesiąc temu
1:24Olija - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:32Heart-pumping Action Awaits on Nintendo Switch!
1:24Welcome to Nintendo Switch!
Welcome to Nintendo Switch!wyświetleń 519KMiesiąc temu
15:31Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020
Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020wyświetleń 3,3MMiesiąc temu
11:33Among Us - Truth or Lie???
Among Us - Truth or Lie???wyświetleń 345KMiesiąc temu
0:46Hazel Sky - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:47GNOSIA - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:47Tunche - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
2:21Calico - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Calico - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switchwyświetleń 199KMiesiąc temu
1:53Grindstone - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
0:41Among Us - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
17:15Indie World Showcase 12.15.2020 - Nintendo Switch
0:31Nintendo Switch My Way - Fortnite
Nintendo Switch My Way - Fortnitewyświetleń 477KMiesiąc temu
9:48Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Vlog
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Vlogwyświetleń 169KMiesiąc temu
3:37A New Look at Monster Hunter Rise - Nintendo Switch
1:50Capcom Arcade Stadium - Announcement Trailer
Capcom Arcade Stadium - Announcement Trailerwyświetleń 307KMiesiąc temu
1:40Shady Part of Me - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
9:51Name that K.K. Slider Song!
Name that K.K. Slider Song!wyświetleń 108KMiesiąc temu
2:55Nintendo Monthly Rewind - November 2020
Nintendo Monthly Rewind - November 2020wyświetleń 82KMiesiąc temu


  • everyone talking about super saiyan mario but no one talking about super saiyan god super saiyan toad

  • "The Longer the Godslayer Bowser is on Earth. The Stronger it will become"

  • Why so many hates

  • This is utterly useless like we know you can make snow boys and stuff like that :/

  • Hey yo sonic colours soundtrack on nintendo channel

  • So I wanna see you trailer tomorrow morning ok nintendo

  • Just as I would like them to build super mario world too in Italy. 🇮🇹❤️

  • bro, i got spoiled so much from the japanese gameplays.....

  • 5 year old: can I get Mario sunshine 2?? Mom: we have it at home. The game at home:

  • Normal person: Items /will appear during the fight. The Announcer: You may notice the sudden appearance of, *ITEMS!!!*


  • Why the heck is Bowser Jr. helping Mario out? Did Bowser go nuts or something?

  • music be kinda intense tho

  • how does this place look so unreal

  • I predict... That you came here just because The Announcer is featured!

  • Deciding weather to get 3D world or little nightmares 😭

  • so be ready at 1:30 ok nintendo so remember min I'm believing you

  • This went from Furry Fest to Super Mario Z real quick. Madlads.

  • Please tell me the complete version isn’t going to be Switch exclusive...!

  • yeet

  • bro i know the second girl

  • Why I play: it calms me and I get to customize a lot of stuff like I want it to and I like the start up music and I play it sometimes to kill some time

  • So this is the company that copyright pokemon brick bronze hope this company fail

  • I’m going to use the bathroom now

  • I remember this video like if it was yesterday

  • hearing that good tropical resortttttt!!!!

  • youve called him gay for the last time

  • so get for tomorrow morning ok

  • among us is on switch so do it!

  • Sakurai plz make an among us character in smash plz

  • so just wake up in the morning

  • so please do it you know what I even crying right now 😭😭😭😭 so please do it dream come true so nintendo I will give you more time when you wake up in the morning get ready ok nintendo I was being honest about it so good luck

  • Neat! They're surely using the switch online voice app 🤣

  • I was about it and I crying about it too so please put those games on the Nintendo switch can you launch those games tomorrow please do it at 1:30 tomorrow morning please

  • Mario kart live home circuit suck's

  • Mario Goku 1:59

  • Si vale la pena comprarlo we

  • ALV bowser fue poseído de la grasa

  • nintendo can you put crash bandicoot 4 and sackboy a big adventure and Astro playroom please I lost my 3DS

  • I had a weird feeling in my gut this game wouldn't tell the whole story. Except I was wrong, they told a *different* story.

  • 1:26 iwata :'(

  • More wii u games in 2021

  • Still playing this game till now 2021

  • it looks great i want to play it

  • The true! And the best game of a whole new generation!

  • All bowser wants to do is defeat mario Looks like he will not get his chance after the past mario games

  • *only in wii u* Yea yea sure....sure....

  • please do it you know what I even crying right now so so please do it t Tomorrow 😭😭😭😭 please it's my dream come true

  • Time to finally overcome my thalassaphobia

  • Sakurai: We have to keep this game family friendly! Jokers moveset: we have an attack named *gun*

  • so are going to put those 3 games on the Nintendo switch or what

  • Is that a new smash character I see?

  • Imagine is celebrating for the release of Galaxy 3

  • Why is this rated m

  • I didn’t know I wanted this.

  • nintendo you ruined my life mario 3d all stars is avalible until march but i cant get until may i am acctually crying and very angry right now

  • Nice Nintendo you should make super Mario 3-D land deluxe

  • I been waiting for this since two years