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11:46Life Update
Life Updatewyświetleń 682K8 dni temu
13:27I've been making INSANE SHOTS on NEXT GEN NBA 2K21...
TYCENO vs CHICOFILO GAME OF THE YEAR in NBA 2K21wyświetleń 1,6M8 miesięcy temu
8:22I've been making INSANE SHOTS in NBA2K21...
I've been making INSANE SHOTS in NBA2K21...wyświetleń 1,2M8 miesięcy temu
44:38Bronny challenged me for $5000, and I accepted (NBA 2K20)
57:36Cheesur challenged me for $1000, and I accepted (NBA 2K20)
31:19Bronny challenged me for $2000, and I accepted (NBA 2K20)


  • Man Tyceno is on fire with the cinematic movie

  • I watched this on annoyin channel but i had to show my boy tyceno sum luv 2🖤🐐

  • Nice to have you back

  • Bro he really used a elite 1 acc

  • Can you go to the court

  • Ik not even mad he’s not that good a this game like 21 both next gen and current gen are terrible


  • I want them to play again both having practice cause ngl this was kinda cringe to watch knowing how good they were in 2k20

  • Tyceno is like MJ after he went to play baseball just wait till he get his rhythm back he’s gonna come back and 3peat 💪🏽

  • Congrats on 1 Mil subs

  • Annoying is happy by beating tyceno he hasn’t been playing the game and annoying has Lmao

  • Tbh Annoying took close shots and middies on a dude who took a 6 month break. Sad

  • Never wager on this game again

  • Now all we need is gman

  • Dude I never clicked a video so fast in my life

  • and. he’s. back 🙏

  • Even Jordan couldn't come back and immediately dominate. Stay up

  • Tyceno backkkk!!!!

  • hey don't give up brother you are the best ❤️

  • Annoying hyped up and he using a bigger player the guard tyceno since he couldn’t guard him with the same size as him annoyings trash🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • I’m watching this from in school truly goated

  • Lllleeetttsss GGGOOOO! Tyceno I been waiting. Everybody stopped playing. I appreciate it. Well at least not lakerfan. U 2 best I the community. Future wager?

  • Xbox is Fs better then p4

  • Tyceno back

  • ty was locked

  • The 🐐


  • The chat is so bad he hasn't played in months and they hating on him weird

  • That move so clean 15:15 I’m mad that 2k made you miss that

  • He’s backkkk

  • Annoying Uglass proved you can’t take breaks and come back and play one of the best in the world and get away wit it💯 I wish Tyceno won but we all kno he gone get his get back❗️💯

  • I've lost some episodes, what happened to Z? I think his name was Zirinic?

  • Hate when people play like annoying 🤦‍♂️

  • The king is back

  • Ty that wager is not ur fault lowkey annoying was only taking mids and close shots

  • Kris is so nice bro

  • He is back

  • Annoying is happy to won but tyceno dont even play 2k bruh

  • Keep it up man ur finally back we gonna get them in a part 3😏

  • the revival

  • How tf does annoying make every white 💀

  • I miss that Tyceno in 2K19 bro

  • PAIN💀💀💀

  • Tyceno Lowkey look like he scared to shoot

  • tyceno : we don’t need to be fancy right now also tyceno : shoots fade and reverse layup

  • My respect for Kris 📈📈📈 happy to see you back Tyceno 👌🏽

  • 1 mill ceno in the building

  • Welcome back King

  • Tyceno is just trash bro. Stop acting like he is good even he knows his playstyle is dead. Could't even drop off me and my little brother.

  • Yo tyceno how do I rep up faster as a big

  • He simply makes me want to get back on 2k

  • any one else what to see him plat joe knows

  • No way my g is finally back.Let’s go !!!!!!!

  • Why was annoying only doing cheesy stuff like shooting close shots and mid range fades

  • I love how when Tyceno was blaming himself for the loss Kris told him to stop Nd he was good true friend ❤️💯

  • Let’s be honest... if Tyceno played as much as annoying he would have made him his bitch

  • Tycenos first wager back I love tyceno

  • People who spam square rlly have no skill I hate that😂

  • This mans comes back first vid has 20 ads like damn

  • There so bad at the game now 😭

  • Can you not do speed glitches in wagers

  • Why they not playing next gen

  • Washed

  • This game was kinda ass ngl

  • washed you play like a bum now

  • why you not speed gliching its one of the best ways to get open because 2k nerfed actual speedboosting

  • Congrats playboy you deserve it

  • Tell tht boy to his clean room mans got a entire chipotle bowl tht he didn’t eat just sitting camera

  • Fryceno will activate soon. just need to polish up

  • FryCenoooo!!! 🤘

  • Runback of the century

  • It’s Ight ty just gotta get in the feel again still a legend 🦅

  • Btw look at the like to dislike rate on this video the community loves you man please keep posting❤

  • tyceno tio 2k cook you up what happen bro

  • legends back ❤️

  • Bro tyceno u jus need more practice on dribblin bro

  • Is Chris using a splat script?

  • Congratulations on 1 mil subs!!!🥳🥳🥳

  • Congrats on 1mil tyceno