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57:35PBS NewsHour West live episode, Mar. 2, 2021
56:46PBS NewsHour full episode, Mar. 2, 2021
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2:47Poet Tess Taylor on how verse can provide solace
56:46PBS NewsHour full episode, Mar. 1, 2021
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  • And there is very little trickle-down if any from the very top to us, the great unwashed. It's just wrong to let Hoarders ruin this country. Misguided and evil people like Mich McConnel be the very rich man's toady. Enough!

  • And don't overlook how much money these ultra rich people have hidden away in off shore accounts. They'll never pay the taxes that they owe on that money. Only the Republicans think those people shouldn't be paying their fair share.

  • I love this woman. There is todays dems and todays Repugnits. Who is trying to help make things better for you and me? We going to drown in poverty if we keep letting the repugnits feed the rich. Who by the way don't need it. When is enough, enough?

  • Thank you and that is great advise I think the Government should offer companies that laid people off a strong incentive to hire back those employees. And I have a new career now that I am really enjoying thank God. Thanks again!

  • I feel like am floating .....

  • LOL. So, when these political serpents come knocking on the door of these millionaires and billionaires looking for campaign donations, they will end up saying, "Just take it out of the 'Wealth Tax'". An alternative that might work is to stop supporting other countries and using our tax money "wisely" which has never been done.

  • Human rights in China is way better than in USA, we are very safe in China. Poor US people, we Chinese send condolences to American people. God bless China.

  • You can't take your wealth to the grave, so it's passed in to individuals who have always had and want more, and the cycle continues. The rich should be putting money into the country and people they made their wealth in.

  • Yes!!! About time!

  • I think it was a good speech. I kept looking for the 'defects' and they just weren't there. GO Joe!

  • Looks like a hostage video the way it's filmed, which is fitting since he seems confused and is likely being forced into this position.

  • Haw many you put open borders Only more and more no body see this money

  • Garth,devi dimagrire!Hai una bellissima voce ma una dieta mediterranea te la consiglio!Sei un cantante fantastico che mi ha fatto innamorare della musica country!

  • Parsons how much did you pocket


  • fair debating before spending billions of tax payers money needs to have a filibuster

  • covid stimulus relief has only 9%n actally oin or covid relie rest is going toward thins like planned parenthood abortion promotion

  • yearly or once

  • It is time to ship your corporate bootlicking a$$ to Hades.

  • Like Pelosi, I can not stand to listen to her!

  • This is so important! Bravo Sen. Warren!

  • Elizabeth Warren’s net worth is generally estimated at between $3.7 million and $10 million, but you have to add another $1.9 million to that for her house, according to CNN. What a HYPOCRITE...

  • This is exactly what marxists did to the Chinese people... They pitched the people against the rich and the perceived wealthy... The nazi government pitched the people at the Jews who were portrayed as wealthy and the problem with Germany... How much money do the top leaders of the Democrat party have? ... They're all millionaires no doubt...

  • Booo boo booo

  • Garth brooks is pathetic for being a sorry country singer and trying to look like a good person and we know you just sang there for your reputation you trader to country singing be more like morgan wallen you crapy biden singer

  • How many millionaire politicians are included?

  • Pocahontas

  • Tax people with more than 2 kids and milking the welfare and food stamps ! They use the money for drugs and diamonds for their nails

  • Wake up you American of this scam... 🤮

  • Tax all Churches! Those Churches are suppose to pay taxes. Jesus stood up in the Temple and said that the Parasites are suppose to pay taxes. Mat_22:21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. Mar_12:17 And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him. Luk_20:25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's. They fly around in their own private jets, and live in Parishioners' homes, and pay no taxes to the county they are situated in. All Churches are suppose to pay taxes!

  • omg shes a joke cabal -1

  • Hey Liz, be sure to put yourself and all the other politicians on the list.....you're the biggest tx evaders of all.

  • This is BS in principle. How many times does a person have to pay taxes on earned income? Let's all make more genuine income.

  • How about people go back to work. How about giving people money to open their own business? Can't take from us that don't have because we don't have jobs.

  • Why is it that the more you make the less tax you would pay? If we are a rich country and have so much opportunity for wealth,then why is it that the less you make the more tax we pay? People are always asking how are we going to pay for it? They ask that because the rich contribute nothing to the people but will donate to politicians,which by the way we pay the in taxes on top of that. Sure corporate have the right to make as money as they can,but if they aren't paying their share in taxes then it's abuse.

  • All these dems who didn’t want Bernie are starting to sound like him a little bit

  • Lizzie rocks my world

  • The filibuster is allowing the Republicans to govern when they are in fact a minority party and have shown no willingness to govern for the longer term in a time of crisis. Their political thirst for power has their own interests at heart and not that of the majority of the American people. (Take a look at the Republican States who have already introduced bills to making voting more difficult and less participative). Democrats have the majority in the House and Senate but the Republicans are not prepared to govern the nation collaboratively and with bipartisanship (as we have already seen) despite their minority. The Republicans are therefore embarked on a strategy that is deliberately strangling the structural reforms that the Democrats have proposed to do in their platform / policy prior to the election and they therefore have the right in a democracy to implement their programme of structural reform without the Republican’s “noose around their necks”. The disparity of wealth is astounding and this tax will allow the Democrats to address the inequality and increase the opportunities for the bulk of the American people. Well done Democrats. It is liberating for the middle class and working poor. Additionally it is socially just. Congratulations Democrats on wedging the Republican’s despicable and undemocratic behaviour.

  • 😂😂 SHE cares so much about the poor... lets see her sell her nice house, give it to poor people and downsize to a poorer neighbourhood

    • No republiKKKan would ever do that!... Donald TRUMP and his gang of Fascist super-rich only care about themselves!

  • YES!!! TAX the 0,1 percent hyper-rich "elites"!!... Once and for all! The evil Oligarchs of Davos, and the "World Economic Forum"!... F**K YOU, Mr. Klaus SCHWAB, and your demonic "Great Reset" agenda!!...😡😡🤢🤮

    • Elizabeth Warren should have become the 2020 U.S. President: she's amazing, in so many ways!...👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • They're doing everything to force the wealthy out and unemployment will skyrocket. Minimum wage, removal of subsidies etc will only force more jobs overseas and more usage of tax havens like they did during Obama's era. Would have been better to offer incentives for the ultra wealthy to spend their money instead of buying their own stock.

  • Come on it should be 5 million dollars and up, then you can have a very nice house and a small business and feel nothing.

  • The wealth tax will be applied to no-one. The ultra rich will hop onto their private jets and take up residence elsewhere.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • To Kaitlyn (from a fellow skater), beautiful job. You captured the emotion of the song perfectly.

  • sounds like a good idea . they need to stop putting there masks on the lectern, might as well kiss each other . Just leave the mask on we can still here you .

  • Beautiful song

  • I agree it’s time

  • It’s just for show. The billionaire already know how to avoid taxes. And they can’t tax unrealised stock gains 😂

  • White priveledge at its peak.

    • NOT only "Whites"... The all-powerful "hyper-class" is now recruited in all major World ethnic groups today!...😰😰😡😡

  • Did Bernie have is hand up her ass moving her lips. Bring it on. The billionaire know how to avoid it

  • I am a Republican, and I, along with the 99.4% of people this doesn't impact and agree with it are going to watch this go absolutely nowhere. Not because like she said, the Republicans are going to veto this with the filibuster... It's always the other side's fault. I mean, kudos to her for proposing this but she needs to take her holier than thou attitude and point the finger at her own party and recognize that Republicans aren't going to be the only ones that don't want something like this to pass. There are just as many Democrats as there are Republicans in congress worth more than $50 million. 95% of Dems and Republicans in congress disagree on everything except one thing, their campaign finances. The lobbyists will threaten to stop donating and suddenly this bill will quietly disappear again. The 99.4% of us who can't afford to lobby and who really don't have a voice in this supposed representative democracy, yet again will be left footing the bills.

  • I guess bombing and killing Arabs and Muslims to strengthen Apartheid Israel is his idea of "diplomacy."

  • What an innumerate bunch these Dems are. X percent of income spent on roof, food and survival necessities must always be a greater percent for the poor than it is for the rich. Meanwhile, the rich have a million ways of - not evading (which is illegal) but avoiding (which is legal) taxation. The rich don't own - or pay the expenses for - their houses, yachts, cars and 'planes; their companies do. Are you going to make it illegal to own shares or benefits in companies? How will that effect stock markets and 401K stock holders? Heads in the clouds Democrats.

  • If you're running a three trillion dollar deficit every year, you might want to think about raising taxes. Either that, or eating a whole lot less.

  • Makes me disappointed all over again; Senator Warren would have made a great President. Of course we need to tax to the uber wealthy. Duh.

  • 5 percent!

  • This is what happens when you put smart, practical progressives on the senate. They get things done. It was a perfect move to eloquently explain why the wealth tax would benefit the majority of Americans, and then leave it to the Republican-lite dems to explain to the people why they want to screw them over. I was a bit ambivalent about Warren last year, but if she ever runs again, my vote will definitely go to her.

  • Are you flipping kidding? No one is handing out free Checks. The of idea of punishing people who are making jobs for others is foolish and fueled by pure jealously. Also it is unamerican.

    • Yes, the freeloaders in the comments somehow think the tax money stolen from the wealth will go to pay their student loan they got for out of state gender studies. The wealthy can do several things when someone tried to steal their money. The leave states that try to steal it and can leave counties that try to steal it. If the rich do stay and pay the tax they will just take it out of the pay and benefits they give employees.

  • Yet the left is in bed with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey...

  • Why do we need a tax to help Americans, when the $1,900,000,000,000.00 asset, only 9% went to help Citizens of the USA.

  • So we should ban Tom brady from Football and ban Lebron James from basketball because most people can throw a football spiral or drain a three pointer? No, that is ridiculous. Don't punish people for succeeding.

  • Are you flipping kidding? No one is handing out free Checks. The of idea of punishing people who are making jobs for others is foolish and fueled by pure jealously. Also it is unamerican.

  • Calling it a "few cents" is intellectual dishonesty.

  • Making it about race. Ok go to a country that suits your race so you can do better. I no why you don't it's because people don't run to country run by people of color it's always white country's USA is FIRST honey pie place to live. Take out the decent white man and it will be a Hell hole over night. Love don't Hate 🇺🇸🤔

  • The erect justice curiosly improve because structure historically applaud but a sick barbara. infamous, tart foot

  • Didn’t the rich paid much higher taxes during Reagan’s era? Did they bitch about it then? Given the totally outrageous gap between those who qualify and the poorest, it’s the least that must happen.

  • I prefer a 30% "Entertainment Tax" . If your income is in designated entertainment sectors, you will be taxed an extra 30%.

  • so then she doesn't mind paying as well

  • You morons keep wanting to take everyone's money and for what? You pass a bill that is supposed to be for covid and what do you idiots do, you put in 140 million dollars for Pelosi's damn tunnel, now tell me how that freaking tunnel is going to help the pandemic. Tell me how when someone busts their ass and becomes successful, that they are responsible for people that choose not to work or work only when they feel like it. You want to waste money on the people that have the most menial jobs, so they can have $15 dollars an hour. The 16 year old kid that works at McDonalds who can't even get the orders right or they can't even make change and you idiots are telling me they are worth that amount of money. I know people that are making $20 an hour and I'm sure your'e thinking, well they are making alot of money. No you see those people have been working for 40 damn years to get there and you fools want to hand it out to 16 yr old kids. Then you idiots want us to pay for a bunch of immigrants coming into this country, you have over a million people living in the streets, eating out of trash bins and you want to bring more people into this country, where do you people have your heads? How is bailing out Blue states going to help with covid or paying for abortions in other countries or maybe you can tell me how a bridge in N.Y. is going to help with covid? Do you idiots see anything in common here, you have your covid bill of 1.9 trillion dollars and a whole 9% is for covid, that's 171 billion for covid and 1.729 trillion for Democratic BS and lies and I'll bet to line some of their pockets too. You know why the democrats want this so called “ultra-millionaire” tax, because they can screw the ultra rich and it won't affect them, like Pelosi who is worth $257 million. Elizabeth who did you make a promise to? is it to the people in the USA or is it to the rest of the world. Quit wasting money on a bunch of damn BS and take care of this country and quit trying to be the most populous country in the world.

  • How does targeting a particular group stand up Constitutionally ?

    • @Michele Kett Rep. Jayapal targeted a particular racial group as she described her motivations and thus violates the 14th Amendment . She knows that is a problem, so mentioned her uncertainty about the Constitutionality of targeting that racial group

    • Are you among those that would lose 1% of your income?

  • Need trillions ? Kill the mortgage interest rate reduction if real estate is not subjected to capital gains like any other investment

  • Decline because you let China take all are jobs

  • People saying thank you. Are stupid that money is for government not us idiots.

  • I was never asked

  • Money for you

  • The money is for democrats government

  • The bridge that pelosi wants to build in her neighborhood

    • What has that pathetic jibe got to do with fairness for all? Are you in the the group that has so much money it’d be impossible to spend in a lifetime? If the Gate’s are happy to do it, why not you?

  • 🐍🐍🐍

  • Welcome to socialism

    • @Advokat Asking them to pay their fair share just like anyother person.

    • @Thomas Kristensen Taxing “the rich” is worse. You are forcing those who are better off to pay for those who are not. My guess is you make around $50k a year, if that.

    • Please learn something tax is not socialism.