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3:05YUNGBLUD - cotton candy (Official Music Video)
2:54YUNGBLUD - Strawberry Lipstick
YUNGBLUD - Strawberry Lipstickwyświetleń 4,2M3 miesięcy temu
3:22YUNGBLUD - The Making of Weird! | Vevo Footnotes
YUNGBLUD - The Making of Weird! | Vevo Footnoteswyświetleń 118K5 miesięcy temu
3:18YUNGBLUD - Weird!
YUNGBLUD - Weird!wyświetleń 5M6 miesięcy temu
3:06YUNGBLUD - Weird! (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Weird! (Audio)wyświetleń 1,2M6 miesięcy temu
3:34YUNGBLUD - original me (Live From NME Awards)
YUNGBLUD - original me (Live From NME Awards)wyświetleń 177K7 miesięcy temu
3:29YUNGBLUD - braindead! (Live From NME Awards)
YUNGBLUD - braindead! (Live From NME Awards)wyświetleń 407K7 miesięcy temu
4:57YUNGBLUD - Machine Gun (Live) | Vevo LIFT Live Sessions
3:26YUNGBLUD - Parents (Live) | Vevo LIFT Live Sessions
YUNGBLUD - Parents (Live) | Vevo LIFT Live Sessionswyświetleń 790K10 miesięcy temu
3:23YUNGBLUD - original me (Vevo LIFT) ft. Dan Reynolds
3:08YUNGBLUD - Die A Little
YUNGBLUD - Die A Littlewyświetleń 9MRok temu
3:09YUNGBLUD - casual sabotage (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - casual sabotage (Audio)wyświetleń 1,4MRok temu
4:23YUNGBLUD - hope for the underrated youth
2:55YUNGBLUD - Parents (Official Music Video)
2:52YUNGBLUD - Parents (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Parents (Audio)wyświetleń 3,7MRok temu
2:50YUNGBLUD - Loner (Audio/Acoustic)
YUNGBLUD - Loner (Audio/Acoustic)wyświetleń 282KRok temu
3:39YUNGBLUD - Loner
YUNGBLUD - Lonerwyświetleń 14MRok temu
4:24YUNGBLUD - California
YUNGBLUD - Californiawyświetleń 1,3MRok temu
3:09YUNGBLUD - Kill Somebody
YUNGBLUD - Kill Somebodywyświetleń 14M2 lat temu
3:13YUNGBLUD - Medication
YUNGBLUD - Medicationwyświetleń 20M2 lat temu
3:14YUNGBLUD - Medication (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Medication (Audio)wyświetleń 288K2 lat temu
4:07YUNGBLUD - California
YUNGBLUD - Californiawyświetleń 7M2 lat temu
2:58YUNGBLUD - Psychotic Kids
YUNGBLUD - Psychotic Kidswyświetleń 15M2 lat temu
2:47YUNGBLUD - Psychotic Kids (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Psychotic Kids (Audio)wyświetleń 411K2 lat temu
4:11YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyes (Unplugged/Audio)
3:01YUNGBLUD - Anarchist (Unplugged/Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Anarchist (Unplugged/Audio)wyświetleń 507K2 lat temu
3:11YUNGBLUD - 21st Century Liability (Audio)
3:45YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyes
YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyeswyświetleń 6M2 lat temu
3:45YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyes (Lyric Video)
YUNGBLUD - Polygraph Eyes (Lyric Video)wyświetleń 720K2 lat temu
2:50YUNGBLUD - Anarchist (Official Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Anarchist (Official Audio)wyświetleń 7M2 lat temu
3:24YUNGBLUD - Tin Pan Boy (Official Video)
3:11YUNGBLUD - Tin Pan Boy (Audio)
YUNGBLUD - Tin Pan Boy (Audio)wyświetleń 132K3 lat temu
2:58YUNGBLUD - I Love You, Will You Marry Me
YUNGBLUD - I Love You, Will You Marry Mewyświetleń 3,8M3 lat temu
2:50YUNGBLUD - King Charles
YUNGBLUD - King Charleswyświetleń 3,4M3 lat temu


  • i went from this man is bad to wallpapers on my laptop of him

  • Damn he looks good in that skirt!!!

  • I told my mother that I was gay and she just ignored me it has been a month since that and she keep asquing me about boys..... parents ain't always right

  • I feel like MCR gave rise to all these new amazing emerging artist 🎨 but that's only an old person's opinion

  • This kinda reminds me of Simple Plan “Perfect”- not the sound but like the way they filmed this- the diff scenes and the sadness you feel 😖😣 anyway good song 👌🏼👏🏼

  • I've came here to express my new non-binary self♡

  • Yungblud is out here showing kids everywhere that you can be whoever you want. AND I AM HERE FOR IT

  • This is so 2008 emo scene vibe hahaha omg

  • Friends without depression: "This dude's unhinged, sounds catchy though." Me, shaking with crippling clinical depression, bipolar type 2 and anxiety: " *HAVE I EVER TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I HATE ONION CUTTING NINJA'S!? ANYWAY, NICE SONG, IF YOU NEED ME, I'LL BE CRYING IN THAT ESPECIALLY DARK CORNER!* "

  • Strawberry Lemon Cotton Candy Maybe we can see lot of foods

  • More like a kind of try not to laugh challenge!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆omggggg

  • Funny funny funny:)

  • Young but this is a kid song but I am a kid Love you love you love you love you🇦🇬

    • Youngblood I like this song I think that you are the bestest singer and in my whole avatar I think that you should be together with me sometime*:) Youngblood I think he would be perfect to do more songs and I like the new song that you posted called cotton candy:)

  • I like this song youngblood you are the bestest singer Love you*:)


  • You're always just sitting in your bed, you're just in your head too much. That line hit me and can relate to it way too much. If only the people around me knew what goes through my head everyday. Then maybe they would know why I would rather just be in my bed then else where............

  • Otima versão pra dormir, adorei.

  • He reminds me of Fairuza Balk as Nancy in The Craft.

  • 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This really resonated with my 11 year old son, so much so it made him cry, me too! He now wants to dye his hair red and be like you! Thank you! ❤🤘

  • Me if you dont be a human: 😭😣😓😖😦😫😢😰

  • You In Real Life: 🤩😁😎😌🤭🤪 You In Parents: 🤪😛🤫😵😬🤯

  • I pray for whoever tripped to this video 🤝

  • Who wants to see behind the scenes

  • His Yorkshire accent just makes this song 😩👏

  • It looks like it was yesterday when he released the song and it’s already 5 months🥺🖤

  • this should be a movie

  • India

  • I slowed down this song 💓 please listen to this 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • I put this on my playlist my dad listen to it and was like damn i love it and then listen to parent and was like whoa i like it

  • I love his style

  • he's so fucking cute omg

  • I can't believe it's already been a year since this came out, time goes by so fast 😭

  • this is what homophobes think bisexuals do in their leisure time 😂😂 (i love this tho)

  • I rlly relate to this my mom hates me calls me a whore etc cause i dress similair to yungblud

  • its FANTASTIC 🙌

  • He might be a indestry plant but he is fire

  • god...imagine having to change the sheets on that bed

  • Amazing

  • I'm addicted to him.... 🥺

  • Billie Eilish: Im scarier than the worlds combined Melanie Martinez: Depression is my jam! YUNGBLUD: Let's die a little

  • I clicked on this advert just to call your song shit.

  • I literally kept on looping this song till i ate breakfast. It is currently 3:35 am in the morning and im not eating breakfast in a bit. good luck to me.

  • well now i know what's gonna be on repeat for the next few years

  • 🖤👏💗

  • I went through a lot but this got me through it 🙂 thank you

  • I needed this song bro thanks man you are amazing! From red haired weirdo to another just thanks.❤🖤

  • The amount of hip gyration in this vid is astounding jesus christ

  • wow, I just got transported back to 2004 when I was 19 and I had a 'white' girlfriend. Haha omg - the anxiety and excitement I felt then, was crazy about the world I was going to embark upon.

  • My friends: what music do you listen to? Me: ummm......

  • i only know this song from tiktok lmao

  • you deadass look like the joker when you smirk

  • The spiritual son of ozzy

  • Be this is unacceptable for school note me not hating I am not thinking lol

  • YUNGBLUD I hope is home school

  • When I first listen to this can’t stop listening at 12:49 am

  • *puts on loop* hhehe

  • oh nvm its going kinda hard now

  • ive never seen something so bad but instead i keep watching

  • This song relates to me heavily

  • i love you

  • This song makes me feel intense emotions. It makes me feel less alone in my mental illness. I might be going on medication for my depression so which sounds amazing. And to anyone who isn't mentally ill and doesn't understand, I will spell it out. We're human. All of us. We're people trying our very best to "fit in" with you all. But it's so hard when you all make seeking treatment sound like the worst thing you could do. We are human. And we're just trying to live our lives in the best way we know how.

  • Oh he gay or is it just me

  • U saved my life

  • I don't really like listening to this type of music. I prefer it calm, just to ease my already chaotic mind. But despite everything, I'm loving this. I relate to this very much. Now I'll proceed listening to he's others songs. I might have found gold.

  • why tf is yungblud a ridiculously gorgeous human being omggg

  • Yo this guy is a dollar store the emo kid from school

  • You interested me to fall my dream to be a artist thank you so much

  • I can’t get enough of him I swear

  • Im his cousin

  • The melody sounds really familiar but the song is awesome.

  • The things I'd do with someone like him

  • Algum br aqui?

  • this is fucked lol but is a good song.

  • This song is soo sad and after seeing the video I understand what he was writing’s now one of my favourite songs..I swear anything Halsey is featured in is just pure GOLD

  • He reminds me of Beetlejuice

  • YUNGBLUD I love you but you would be a horrible person to go to an antique store with your thrash moves are unbeatable!!!! <3

  • ♠ උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග

  • Never heard of this kid. Not a homosexual myself but damn that first verse has me hooked! Hahhaa I fully support lgbt community and this is hilarious. Fuck any parent that doesn’t want their kid to truly be who they are!!!! Speaking as a upcoming father myself. Much love. One love and love is love !!!

  • Just came back to this its already been 1 year