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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.

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1:06BREAK OUT | MSI 2021 - League of Legends
BREAK OUT | MSI 2021 - League of Legendswyświetleń 413K15 dni temu
3:27Lunar Beast | Official Theme 2021 - League of Legends
5:29Viego Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
3:38Lunar Beats (ft. DJ Ox) | Teamfight Tactics
Lunar Beats (ft. DJ Ox) | Teamfight Tacticswyświetleń 552K3 miesięcy temu


  • pute

  • Seria legal se eles liberassem o evento do Mapa Projeto de novo...

  • Project comic ? :D

  • Guys, please check out Yuqi's (from (G)I-DLE) solo debut song "Giant". Thank you!

  • Phoda, bem cyberpunk.


  • Anyone coming here bc of Sweet Home? .-.

  • I hope they make an event were aurelion sol's crown falls, and he starts getting revenge on the targonians and the universe.

  • Whoa that was amazing! 🤩🤯😈


  • 93,068,294 views•Premiered Oct 28, 2020

  • Vengo por un comentario que comenta que es de warrios hares

  • Ares

  • Quien viene por eros el dios de la guerra

  • Guys, don't forget watch Yuqi's - Soyeon's group friend - solo music video "Giant" as well!

  • So Project Senna is basically Sombra from Overwatch But better

  • I'm here after listening on STUN b*llsh*t song

  • 사일러스 구지 가슴까지 깔 필요가 있었을까? 프로젝트 스킨이 약간 기계화된거 보는재미인데 너무 그런점이 안보임 모데카이져도 프로젝트라기보다는 메카가 좀더 어울림 사이온처럼 너무 거대하고 끝판왕같아서 메카가 좀 더 괜찮았을꺼 같은데 근데 스킨은 ㅈㄹ 잘 나왔네

  • You must be deaf if you don't think this is gonna be the theme for a D&D villain of mine.


  • Guys, don't forget to watch Yuqi's "Giant"music video as well!

  • Ahhhhh como extraño el launcher animado del lol


  • I don't know a lot about the lore but was the big armored guy with a mace Mordekaiser?

  • Woah...such a nice voice! Love it

  • viego be like

  • 4:01 Best part

  • from path of exile's ost, to COD's ost, to Cyberpunk's ost, I like that xD

  • “So they would never be alone?” “So they would never be alone.”

  • kd o meu projeto kayn rito gomes, kd?

  • Moble legends number 1

  • Truly sad what such a cool game hase become

  • 1:57 gives me Star Wars vibes

  • Imagine.... you bring back the login screens. You go through the effort to animate and still make themes but need to implement them again, ngl logging in after a different login screen made it seem like I was playing something different and exciting

  • Una canción tan épica para un juego de mierda

  • Vengo directo de "Ares" de Pascu y Rodri!! Aguante DLH!!!!

  • Good song bad game


  • Design team:ok guys so what is sylas looks going to be I was going to choose that he actually had a shirt while showing a little bit of robot parts Some guy:make him shirtless

  • foda rito agr arruma o client

  • For the next we want Terrorbyte Mordekaiser

  • 1:16

  • After 10 years of waiting they announced this, then we wait 2 more years for a trailer. Now I wondering how much for the real thing...This too much for my soul XD

  • Vienen por ares

  • i like to think the game is a huge marketing tactic to push out this series.

  • Utube algorithm

  • If this just came out a year later we would have pantheon instead of tryndamere

  • Game is cartoonish, not of my taste but soundtracks r good

  • El dios de la guerra, Ares....

  • this song written for me

  • Congratulations you found an English comment....😁

  • no wonder the senna splash art looks so bad, it didn't get a third iteration

  • Te encontré música de mi querido Ares 🤩❤️❤️

  • 3:10 Dont mind me, just leaving this here

  • we need this back rito pls

  • Late better than never right?

  • We need a new skinned kayn like

  • This brings back such great memories

  • Okay, but can we talk about this music? Wow...

  • Viva ares

  • La canzone più bella al mondo

  • Can't wait. Thankyou riot! 💐

  • White FF 3>

  • Anyone else came here to cure themselves from the cringe they've experienced on one particular MV?

  • Mobile Legends belike “Write that down, Write that down”

  • Vengo despues del DLH de Ares XD

  • Şarkı efsane

  • super machista opressor

  • sorri.. erz..

  • foda dms ]

  • Wow so niceeeee i like ittt

  • where is KDA pyke?

  • Siapa sini Malay atau indo yang main lol

  • I dont like proyect anymore, before was just team of HUMANS, the criatures were mecha or battlecast, but project were for human like characters. AND then, the cuality when down a lot, like the creativity

  • Ymfah fans ?

  • Well atleast Ahri doesnt have human ears

  • Malphite is so cute

  • ещё короче демку можно было сделать?

  • Now the warrior sound more legendary

  • Lux kostümü gelirken arada kaynamış galiba